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“Ad Astra” is the Ultimate Sad Astronaut Movie [Review]

"Ad Astra" is the Ultimate Sad Astronaut Movie [Review]

Do we get one big Astronaut movie from Hollywood every year now? It's starting to feel that way. Ad Astra is the latest major studio movie about the perils of going into outer space. It's a big serious movie that's as much a character study as it is a space thriller about saving the world. […]

Mondo Vinyl First Man Soundtrack 1

Mondo Music Release of the Week: First Man!

Mondo releases new vinyl special editions every single Wednesday. They are they ultimate edition of whatever they put out, featuring extensive liner notes, brand-new commissioned artwork, and always have a limited-edition size. The vinyl itself is usually colored or a photo disc, as well. Basically, it's like the Criterion Collection of movie and gaming soundtracks. […]

Willy Wonka Remake Shortlist of Stars Includes Donald Glover and More

Because this influx of remaking titles is showing no sign of stopping anytime soon, Warner Bros. Pictures is reportedly moving forward with their reboot of Willy Wonka, and they've already got a shortlist of stars in mind. The classic story of candymaker Willy Wonka by Roald Dahl has known life as two films already — one a […]

Blade Runner 2049 On 4K- The Ultimate Visual And Aural Home Experience

Blade Runner 2049 was an absolutely incredible film [FIGHT ME] that pairs with it's forebearer extremely well. Director Denis Villeneuve was able to facilitate and present a visual and aural feast for fans of the original Sir Ridley Scott sci-fi noir masterpiece and an entire new appreciative generation of more-human-than-human audiences. Starring Ryan Gosling, Jared Leto, Harrison Ford, Ana de Armas, Sylvia Hoeks, […]

Saturday Night Live Adds 3 Featured Players, 7 Writers For Season 43

In its 42-season run, NBC's Saturday Night Live has seen a number of cast and creative turnovers: some were huge successes (the addition of Will Ferrell, Jimmy Fallon, and Tina Fey in the mid-'90s); while others, not so much (think early '80s SNL minus Eddie Murphy). The cycle continues with Season 43, as the show […]


The Weekly Static S01E06: Harmon: Trollhunter, Emmy F-Bombs & More!

David Addison: That's because we're not guests. We're looking for a man with a mole on his nose. Security Officer: A mole on his nose? Maddie Hayes: A mole on his nose. Security Officer: [to Maddie] What kind of clothes? Maddie Hayes: [to David] What kind of clothes? David Addison: What kind of clothes do […]

Gal Gadot To Host Saturday Night Live, Plus Ryan Gosling And Kumail Nanjiani,

Saturday Night Live has announced the first three hosts and musical guests for their upcoming season, which debuts on September 30. Ryan Gosling will host the season opener, joined by musical guest Jay Z. On October 7, Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot will host, with musical guest Sam Smith. Finally, Kumail Nanjiani will host the […]

New Character Posters For Blade Runner 2049

We have a new set of character posters for Blade Runner 2049. Like most of the marketing for this movie, they tell us nothing about the production. At this point this might be the most mysterious movie to roll into theaters in years and Warner Bros has to be given credit for running such a […]

Blade Runner 2049

Dave Bautista Really, Really Doesn't Want To Spoil Blade Runner 2049

You would think being under the Marvel brand would make Dave Bautista know how to deal with spoilers. It turns out he really isn't and in an interview with Entertainment Weekly Bautista revealed that is terrified that he's going to spoil the story secrets of Blade Runner 2049. "I'm actually terrified about giving out any spoilers," […]

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Deckard Funko Dorbz Make Harrison Ford Look Happier Than He Has In Years

Blade Runner 2049 is a movie that I am not sure we needed, but I am damn sure excited about it. The original took me a while to appreciate, but now it is right up there as one of my all-time favorites, with Deckard being an all-time favorite character. So naturally, I am excited about […]

Blade Runner 2049 Gets Its Second Trailer, As Foretold By The Prophet Ryan Gosling

As promised yesterday by star Ryan Gosling, Warner Bros has released the second trailer for Blade Runner 2049. Gosling prophesized that that the trailer would be released today during a particularly holy episode of Good Morning America. "And lo," Gosling tweeted, "New @bladerunner trailer tomorrow on @GMA." "#BladeRunner2049," he added, sparking more speculation that Gosling's […]

Ryan Gosling Shares Teaser For New Blade Runner 2049 Trailer Debuting Tomorrow

Star Ryan Gosling has revealed that a new Blade Runner 2049 teaser will debut tomorrow on Good Morning America, and shared a short teaser for the trailer on Twitter: New @bladerunner trailer tomorrow on @GMA. #BladeRunner2049 pic.twitter.com/WcKMb4ZA3t — Ryan Gosling (@RyanGosling) July 16, 2017 Gosling timed the tweet perfectly to come after the media tornado […]

Four Minutes of Blade Runner 2049 Footage To Whet Your Replicant Appetite

Arguably one of the most anticipated films of 2017 is director Denis Villeneuve's Blade Runner 2049, a sequel to the genre defining Ridley Scott 1982 film. The announcement of a sequel came right around the release of Prometheus, and the project had been kicking around the ether for several years until it was jumpstarted by writers Hampton Francher (who also wrote the '82 […]

Kyle Chandler Joins The Cast Of Damien Chazelle's 'First Man'

Kyle Chandler is going to the moon. According to Deadline, the actor has joined La La Land director Damien Chazelle in his next movie, First Man. Chandler will play Deke Slayton, a WWII flyer, aeronautical engineer and test pilot who was selected as one of the original NASA Mercury Seven astronauts and became NASA's first Chief of the Astronaut […]

Blade Runner 2049

New Image From 'Blade Runner 2049'

If there is one big risk this fall it's Denis Villeneuve's Blade Runner 2049. Villeneuve has been kicking down the door to the movie industry for years but the last several have really seen him ride to prominence. Prisoners took Hugh Jackman during his peak superhero persona and turned him into a terrible person back […]

Ryan Gosling Is Developing Jeff Lemire's Underwater Welder

Jeff Lemire's graphic novel, The Underwater Welder, is getting a big screen adaptation by Ryan Gosling, Ken Kao and Anonymous Entertainment. It tells the story of a man in the dangerous profession of underwater welding who has a supernatural encounter as the bottom of the sea. No directors, writers or actors have been attached to […]

See: Deadpool Making Out With Spider-Man At Last Night's Golden Globes

Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds may have lost to La La Land star and fellow Ryan, Ryan Gosling, at the Golden Globes last night, but he won our hearts. He also appears to have won the heart of former Amazing Spider-Man actor Andrew Garfield, as the two were spotted sharing a passionate kiss as Gosling took […]

Michael Fassbender Is Like Lucifer (In A New Movie)

Terrence Malick has been writing and directing movies since the late 1960's and he only has twelve directing credits and seventeen for writing. He's a man that likes to take his time so the fact that we're getting a new movie called Weightless from him next year is exciting. We don't know anything about the […]