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Ryan Benjamin to Launch His New Comic Spark Through Graphite App – Joined by Nick Seluk’s Heart and Brain and Scott Kurtz’ PVP

You may have read on Bleeding Cool about the Graphite Comics app, a free-with-ads-or-pay-with-no-ads digital comics distributor. And now, it seems, a publisher in its own right. Today Graphite is are publishing their first Graphite Original Series, Spark, created by Ryan Benjamin. Artist on the likes of Ghost, Suicide Squad, Grifter, WildC.A.T.s, Iron Man, Black Panther vs. Deadpool […]

Black Heroes Matter Panel NYCC 3

Creators Discuss Why Black Heroes Matter at NYCC 2017

Panelists David Walker (Luke Cage, Shaft, Cyborg), Ryan Benjamin (Teen Titans), Uraeus (Jacyen Wise, Black Heroes Matter), Karama “Blerdgurl” Horne (theblerdgurl.com) and Faith Cheltenham (YesBlackPeople.com) participated in Saturday’s “Black Heroes Matter” NYCC panel hosted by Carl Varnado (Blacks in Gaming) which drew a packed crowd. Everyone on the dais wore special “Black Heroes Matter” T-shirts […]

Late Night Fun – Ryan Benjamin At Work

Evan Burse goes to conventions and gets artist to sketch for him while he films it. This is a cool way to see an artist in action. This time he went to Wondercon in Anahiem, CA and got DC artist Ryan Benjamin (Batman Beyond) to draw the Hulk. [youtube]http://youtu.be/796zB6MHujs[/youtube]

Flashback Friday – Batman: The Black Glove

By Alexander Webb Welcome to the first installment of Flashback Friday with your comic book (and fitness!) consigliere, Alex. Today, we will take a look at a storyline from 2007 that eventually led into one of the most explosive events of the Modern Age of Comics. That event is Final Crisis; the lead-in, and today’s topic, […]

Ryan Benjamin To Draw Your Kid’s Comic Character

My Kid’s Comic is a new contest from Lulu.com where your child’s art/character will be redrawn by Marvel, DC, Image and Dark Horse artist Ryan Benjamin. The contest revolves around a product from Creations By You and/or Lulu that teaches your child to create their own comic book. The description for My Comic Book ($29.99) says: Your child […]