Rumour: Massive New Awards Show For San Diego Comic-Con To Recognise All Fan Culture

The word on the street is that we are about to get a brand-new, very well-funded awards show for San Diego Comic Con. I understand that high level talks are taking place between Jennifer O'Connell, Executive VP of Alternative Programming, Seth Lederman, Executive VP General Manager of the new streaming channel Comic-Con HQ and David […]

Will Captain America: Civil War Death Rumour See History Repeat? (SPOILERS)

***WARNING*** This article refers to possible spoilers regarding the Captain America: Civil War movie that have been prominent of late. Read on, knowing this. The death of Black Goliath in the Civil War comic at the hands of Clor back in 2006 caused considerable controversy, for its time. Promoted as a major death, it was […]

Checking The Marvel NOW! Rumour Checklist

Did a quick check and, yes, there are twenty-two Wednesdays from October to February. Thanks to Tom Huxley for the Photoshop job on the Marvel NOW! weekly relaunch news. So how is the checklist coming along? Some hits, some misses… and it's possible Essad Ribic will return for one of the arc on the bi-weekly […]