Marvel To Publish A Rom-Less Space Knights Series?

Kudus to Matt Moore at, run by Marvel's ex-PR guy with a Marvel alien race named after him, James Vascardi. They have learned that  Marvel has a new Space Knights series to be launched, featuring the cosmic gladiator types of Galador, that used to include Rom The Space Knight when they had the license. Now […]

Lost, Presumed Stolen – Rom, By John Dell

UNFINISHED Have you seen this artwork? JLA artist John Dell tells us, I noticed the piece missing three days ago, more than likely it was removed at a store signing or a Gulf Coast show within the last year. I was looking through my Table portfolios with the purpose of removing personal items I had […]

Rom Comes To San Diego Comic Con In Toy Form – Can A Comic Be Far Behind?

MTV has the news. A new Rom toy, courtesy of Hasbro and Mighty Muggs, will be exclusively available at San Diego Comic Con. The appeal of the toy is primarily down the seventies spinoff comic book by Bill Mantlo, published by Marvel, which embedded the Space Knights into Marvel continuity. When the rights to the […]

Artifacts #37 And A Voice In The Dark #7 – Top Cow Previews

This week from Top Cow we have two books coming out. A Voice In The Dark #7 from Larime Taylor and Artifacts #37 by Dan Wickline and Rom… yes, I know I'm Dan Wickline but I have to make this look official. Both books are on sale this Wednesday. ARTIFACTS #37 by Dan Wickline and […]

Artifacts #36 Preview With Something Extra/Exclusive

So this Wednesday the latest chapter of Top Cow's comic Artifacts comes out. It follows the story of ex-priest Tom Judge who uses one of the 13 artifacts called The Rapture. His partner, Tilly is a "numeromancer" or "mathmagician" and it's her talents that lead to former Witchblade bearer/former Angelus Detective Danielle Baptiste calling them […]

Will IDW Bring Back Rom The Space Knight… As A Transformer?

So there used to be this comic called Rom. Created by Marvel and Parker Bros to go alongside their release of the sci-fi action adventure doll in question. The toy flopped, relatively, but the comic did not, running for years. Even when cancelled, Rom was still part of Marvel continuity and would pop up now […]

Rom Becomes Ikon And Other Changes To That Photo Spread In Age Of Ultron #2

This was the preview art shown last year for Age Of Ultron, drawn by Bryan Hitch. Which caused so much fuss by having Rom in the middle. Could this mean that the whole ownership/licensing situation had been sorted out and that the original Rom was to rejoin the Marvel Universe? No. In the published version, […]

No Rom For You

 From Tom Brevoort's Formsping account; TomBrevoort2h via iOS Any chance of Rom returning to marvel comics? Not at the moment, no. Balls. Hey, compare and contrast…  a number of the exact same faces were on the poster from Mighty Avengers #12 by Alex Maleev.

Is That Rom In Age Of Ultron? Um… Yes.

Take a look at the artwork from Age of Ultron just posted at CBR: Right there, in the middle of the Polaroids, is ROM. Labeled as ROM. The Hasbro trademark registration makes more sense now…

Swipe File: Rob Liefeld And Frank Miller

On the left, the Rob LIefeld cover to Hawk And Dove #7. On the right the Frank Miller cover to Rom The Space Knight #17. Frank Miller has often been a point of reference for Rob Liefeld, especially on X-Force. It's nice to see that tradition continue… In Swipe File we present two or more […]