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'Dune' Updates: Chani Casting Rumors, Roger Deakins Exits

Sounds like things are moving along on Legendary Pictures upcoming Dune reboot project with director Denis Villeneuve, with one or two notable updates. The first being that it appears cinematographer and longtime Villeneuve collaborator Roger Deakins will NOT be the eye behind the lense on this project. Deakins picked up an Oscar for his most recent collab […]

Roger Deakins Talks Shooting Blade Runner Sequel

In a wide-ranging interview with Screen Crush, cinematographer Roger Deakins talks about his plans for the upcoming Blade Runner 2. We're just treating the new one as what it is; it's an entirely separate movie that will stand by itself. I mean obviously it has elements that connect it to the original. But it's going […]

Roger Deakins Not Returning For Bond 24

It’s still got Sam Mendes, John Logan writing and of course Daniel Craig, but Bond 24 will be lacking one important element that made Skyfall such a smash.

IMAX Trailer For James Bond's Skyfall Fleshes Out The Plot A Little

I'm fresh out of the IMAX Remix event held to coincide with Comic-Con and there will definitely be more to say about that later. For now, though, let's discuss their big finish: the premiere of an IMAX exclusive trailer for Skyfall, the next James Bond picture. The key point of interest is the introduction of […]

New Official Bond Image – Roger Deakins Shooting Judi Dench

The Sony Vaio product placement extends to even the on-set pictures, look. Here's Roger Deakins, Sam Mendes and Judi Dench on the set of Skyfall, the new Bond picture. And… there's another guy. The focus puller I assume? This obviously isn't M's real office. I assume this comes when she's in exile…? What is this […]

New James Bond Snap Shows… Actually, Just Night With Desks

The word was that Bond 23, Skyfall, was being shot digitally by Roger Deakins, a recent but vocal convert to the format. Well… apparently not. UPDATE: Or apparently so. We've confirmed with Arri that the film is in fact being shot digitally, top to bottom. I feel particularly stupid because a) I checked this previously […]

James Bond Skyfall Special – A Rushes Round-Up With Lots Of Good Stuff

Let's start with some pictures from the set of Skyfall, the Sam Mendes-directed James Bond film. These reveal one of Bond's cars for the new picture… a Land Rover. That he isn't even driving himself. And he's got a stubbly little beard. Certain purists must be having fits. But, look – the car is loaded […]

Cinematographer Roger Deakins Shooting New Bond Film, Probably Digitally

Josh Hylton writes for Bleeding Cool I love it when filmmakers play coy. They let something slip, then they try to be vague about it, as if nobody listening caught on. It happened not too long ago with Inception and The Dark Knight cinematographer Wally Pfister and the whole Catwoman incident. And now it's happening […]