Brian Wood Revealed As First Member Of Secret Creative Team For Titan's Robotech

According to an EXXXCLUSIVE report on Comic Book Resources, Brian Wood will be the writer of the upcoming Robotech series announced with no creative team by Titan Comics back in June. No artist has been revealed yet, though there is a "retro" cover by Jason and John Waltrip, and we did see some cover art at the […]

Robotech Finds A New Home With Titan Comics

Titan Comics continues to grow, picking up another fan-favorite license… the cult 80's series, Robotech. The publisher signed a deal with property owner Harmony Gold. The series, making its debut in 1985, featured a multi-generational storyline mixing war, romance and science fiction as pilots of transforming Veritech fighters were tasked with defending the Earth against […]

Robotech To Air On Crackle Starting May 15th

Love it or hate it, Robotech is an important part of anime's history in the US. The project began as an attempt to faithfully adapt Super Dimension Fortress Macross for the American market, but got sidetracked when it needed additional episodes for syndication. The eventual eighty-five episode epic merged Macross with two other Japanese animated […]

The Excitement Of Robotech At New York Comic Con

Daniel Lof wrote from New York Comic Con, The Robotech panel was mostly an announcement panel of what will come. Producer of the Robotech TV series Kevin McKeever of Harmony Gold Production talked in a very fast pace of what is to come for the thirtieth celebration, and there was a lot exciting news for […]

Tony Lee Talks To Tommy Yune About Crossing Over Robotech And Voltron

Tony Lee talks to Tommy Yune about writing Robotech/Voltron for Dynamite Entertainment. Tommy, pretty much any Robotech fan out there knows who you are – you've been involved in the franchise for years, you've directed movies, produced games, designed characters… how up to date are you on Voltron though? I actually first saw Voltron before I […]

What Comics Will Be On Sale On Christmas Day? (UPDATE)

New comics day falls on Christmas Day in 2013. It is likely that comic shops will receive their delivery of comics early and will hold them, then will put them on sale on whatever day they are open. Could be Christmas Eve, could be Boxing Day, we'll know the details later. But at least we […]

Giant Robots Rule The World: Robotech Returns In Crossover With Voltron From Dynamite

In an announcement that makes many fans wildest dream come true, Dynamite Entertainment is going to publish a Robotech/Voltron crossover. With Pacific Rim still crushing it in theaters, Giant-Mech lovers may be having the single greatest summer of their life. Here is how it was announced and some art to go with it. Dynamite Entertainment […]