robot and frank

Another Movie Is Using Possibly Creepy Robot Commercials For Viral Marketing

Ahead of the release of Prometheus we saw a rather superb viral clip promoting the movie’s android, the David 8. It was the most memorable of the film’s marketing assets and, I’d argue, the most sophisticated and interesting by some distance. Now, as we near the US the release of family drama-meets-buddy-caper┬áRobot & Frank, which […]

Rather Convincing Trailer For New Indie Sci-Fi, Robot & Frank

Robot and Frank could be one of the least conventional buddy films in some time, not to mention one of the steadiest, calmest sci-fi pictures. This trailer probably gives away a touch too much towards the end, but you could always close the window when it gets to 1:50. Maybe 1:25 if you’re really wanting […]