Robin Rises

The New Robin Comes With A Little… Extra

This is the solicited cover to Batman And Robin #38, coming next year. Featuring what appeared to be a returing Damian Wayne, doing a Superman pose and appearing to repel bullets. Well, in today's Robin Rises:¬†Alpha, as seen in the last issue of Batman And Robin, Bruce Wayne, against impossible odds manages to retrieve and […]

Robin Rises And Cable Toy Take Previews Cover For October 2014

When was the last time a toy took the front or back cover of Diamond's Previews cover? A reprise of Rob Liefeld's classic cover to New Mutants #87 for Diamond Select Toys takes the back of Diamond's new collection of comics et al coming out in December. Diamond's selected "Gem" titles for the month include […]

How Robin Rises Did Away With Grant Morrison's Batman

Mark Bristow writes, With the preview and publishing of Robin Rises: Omega, we're left with some awesome revelations and also many questions. Robin Rises is a direct continuation of Grant Morrison's huge Batman epic. For long-term fans that have followed Morrison's run from the start, or at least before the Flashpoint event, we've had questions […]