Roberts Space Industries

Cloud Imperium Makes "Star Citizen" Free To Try For A Week

"Star Citizen" Has Surpassed $250 Million In Funding

Star Citizen is surpassing new records, or sorts, on occasion, and has reached a new milestone this week as far as it's funding is concerned. Cloud Imperium Games and Roberts Space Industries have reported this week that they have officially surpassed $250 million in funding for the game. ($251,278,449 as of the time this article […]

Hammerhead Star Citizen

Star Citizen is Available for Free Until November 30th

Star Citizen is available for free this week, allowing gamers who haven't joined one of the various funding campaigns to experience the ambitious space simulator game until November 30th. The game's first planet and city were added earlier this week, which means that free players and backers alike are getting the chance to check out […]

Hammerhead Star Citizen

Star Citizen Shows Living AI Crew from Squadron 42 in New Video

Cloud Imperium Games released a new video of upcoming space simulator Star Citizen. Today's video focuses on the single-player campaign titled Squadron 42.  The video showcases a very interesting feature, in the form of a series of implementations designed to make the Idris-class warship where we're stationed feel like a living environment, with a full crew that goes […]

New Update Coming For 'Star Citizen' In June

The latest "Production Schedule Report" from Robert's Space Industries came out last night and gave details into the latest 3.0 update coming for Star Citizen. The massively expansive space simulator from Cloud Imperium Games will be receiving a lot of cool stuff on June 29, including new places to go like the moon Celin, which you can see […]