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Robert the Bruce Conquers Historical Genre in Netflix’s Outlaw King [Review]

That there has always been a huge gap between what happened in history and what appears on screen in film and television is hardly a revelation; when Braveheart came out in 1995, with Scots wearing kilts and painting themselves blue, history buffs turned equally blue in fits of apoplexy. Television series like Reign had so […]

Netflix’s ‘Outlaw King’: Why Robert The Bruce, and Why Now?

Chances are, you’ve seen Braveheart, and are familiar with the name Robert The Bruce. While the film about William Wallace doesn’t hold up terribly well (don’t @ us, we recently reviewed the 4K release, and REALLY does not hold up), Netflix’s film Outlaw King nicely slides into that historical epic slot. Chris Pine stars as The Bruce, […]

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First Trailer for Chris Pine, Tony Curran Netflix Film ‘Outlaw King’

Netflix has released a trailer for their upcoming film Outlaw King, starring Chris Pine as Robert the Bruce. Chances are, most Americans will know that historical name from 1995’s Braveheart and perhaps are unfamiliar with the story of the nobleman after the William Wallace time. Netflix says Outlaw King is the untold “true story” of Robert […]