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“Watchmen”: 5 Key Takeaways from President Robert Redford’s Timeline [PREVIEW]

Now that HBO‘s wonderfully authorized pseudo-sequel to [REDACTED] and Dave Gibbons‘ celebrated comic book series Watchmen has been unveiled to the world – it seems the world’s liking what they’re seeing so far from Damon Lindelof‘s “remix”. Even die-hard Watchmen purists appear to be slowly coming around – and they should. Bleeding Cool didn’t exactly […]

Robert Redford at Sundance 2018

Sundance 2018: Robert Redford Talks #MeToo, Change, and More During Press Conference

Park City, Utah is the focal point of film and critics this week, as the 35th Annual Sundance Film Festival kicked off today. During the annual press conference that usually signals the official beginning of the famed film fest, SFF founder and acclaimed actor/filmmaker Robert Redford took the lead on a few hot button subjects, as […]

The Afterlife Is Real In This Trailer For Netflix’s ‘The Discovery’

Streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon have become the biggest players at festivals such as Sundance. They are not only buying up tons of features and documentaries (at last count Netflix bought 10 films and Amazon bought five at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival) but they are also making their own original content to […]

The Discovery Of The Afterlife Won’t Stop Love

I usually do my write up before showing a trailer… but I’m going to do this differently this time. Because I want you to have the same, “What the…” feeling I had when watching Netflix’s new teaser for The Discovery starring Rooney Mara, Robert Redford and Jason Segel. Okay… now you might be wondering what […]

Pete’s Dragon Goes Old School For Bluray Promo

I received a press drop from the folks behind Pete’s Dragon today. I was giving the idea that it was going to be a bit retro… so I thought it might’ve involved the 1977 film with Helen Reddy, Jim Dale, Red Buttons and Mickey Rooney… but they went more 90’s Blockbuster. The newest version of […]

Crass Headline Sullies Tragic Occasion As Robert Redford Retires From Acting

In a move that brings shame upon all of us in the esteemed field of entertainment journalism, website Screen Rant has taken a somber moment in the retirement of legendary actor Robert Redford and used it to garner clicks and attention with a pithy, reductive headline. Can you believe anyone would do something like that? […]

Robert Redford Discusses Drawing Dragons In Pete’s Dragon Clip

In a clip from Disney’s upcoming remake of Pete’s Dragon (via Yahoo!), Robert Redford and Bryce Dallas Howard discuss a drawing of the creature Pete claims helped him survive in the forest. And the creature happens to look a lot like the one Redford’s character used to draw for Howard’s when she was growing up. […]

Pete’s Dragon Teaser Offers A Glimpse At The Dragon

The teaser for Disney‘s upcoming remake of Pete’s Dragon recasts Pete as a feral child living in the modern day forests of the Pacific Northwest. A park ranger played by Bryce Dallas Howard discovers Pete and tells her father about the boy, who apparently lived out in the wild for six years. The father, played […]

Dexter And The Dragon

Micheal C. Hall (Dexter) is the latest to sign on board for Disney’s remake/reinvention of the 1977 film Pete’s Dragon. Hall joins Robert Redford, Bryce Dallas Howard, Wes Bentley and newcomer Oakes Fegley in the story about a young boy named Pete and his best friend Elliot who happens to be a dragon. David Lowery will […]