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SYFY Releases New Ad About Inclusion And The Love Of Science Fiction

The Syfy network has been making some changes recently as the network celebrates it's 25th anniversary. The re-branding started with a new black & yellow logo and a move back towards science fiction and fantasy. Series like the Magicians, Dark Matter and Killjoys will be more of the networks focus. They picked up Krypton, getting […]

Syfy To Adapt Stranger In A Strange Land

Syfy has announced plans to adapt Robert Heinlein's 1961 novel Stranger in a Strange Land as a television series. The series is being done by Paramount Television and Universal Cable Productions. This continues the network's trend of adapting sci-fi and fantasy novels having already done: The Expanse, Childhood's End, Hyperion and The Magicians. This is […]

John Byrne – Our Robert Heinlein

John Byrne's The High Ways has its first issue published by IDW. A sci-fi procedural thriller, it's my favourite Byrne book for a long time. Principally because the voice is untempered by licence or audience or even nostalgia, and it is undeniably his. But it also reminds me very much of Robert Heinlein. For two […]