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Preview This Week’s Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor In The Deep South

The adventures of the Eleventh Doctor are back this week from Titan Comics in issue #3, written by Rob Williams, with art by Simon Fraser and colors by Gary Caldwell. This time we’re headed to America, Mississippi no less, and of course, things are going to get strange… Here’s our preview courtesy of Titan Comics:

Thanos: A God Up There Listening, By Rob Williams And Possibly Ron Lim

In December, Marvel are collecting an as-yet-unannounced Thanos series called A God Up There Listening written by Rob Williams. It also collects the Thanos Annual #1 by Jim Starlin and Ron Lim. Since those are the only credits we might presume that either Starlin or Lim is the artist on the series (and probably Lim) and […]

Always Cyborg Nazis – Rob Williams Talks Ending Miss Fury

With this months issue #11, Rob Williams and Dynamite will be bringing the tale of Miss Fury to a close for a while.  Bryon Brewer chatted with Williams about the series, the time-traveling aspects and the cyber Nazis. BYRON BREWER: So, Rob, how did the Miss Fury revival come about and how did you get the […]

Getting Wild With Miss Fury – Greg Pak Interviews Rob Williams

Comic writer Greg Pak interviews Rob Williams about Miss Fury #10 and the on-going time travel story that is updating the classic character for a modern audience. What is the future of the Dynamite series? Read on… GREG PAK: Rob, you’re doing some pretty wild stuff with MISS FURY, updating a character from the Golden […]

Five Quick Questions With Miss Fury / Black Sparrow Writer Victor Gischler

As the Noir series featuring Miss Fury and The Black Sparrow continues, Rob Williams sat down with writer Victor Gischler to check in on the series and exactly what he’s doing with Miss Fury. ROB WILLIAMS: Are you treating Marla Drake well, Mr Gischler? VICTOR GISHCLER: I think I am, but she sure is hell […]

The Blood Is Getting Deep – Mike Carroll Talks Jennifer Blood

There has to be something daunting about stepping into a series created in part by Garth Ennis. As Mike Carroll brings the Blood Legacy story arc to it’s climax, Rob Williams sat down to talk with the writer about the series, where it’s been and where it’s going. ROB WILLIAMS: Who is Jennifer Blood for […]

Bargain Of The Day: 2000AD’s Trifecta On Kindle For $2.10/£1.29

It was 2000AD’s event of last year, from three separate creative teams that no one realised was an event until it was too late. Trifecta, three stories, three conceptual concepts, one conclusion. It was epic. By Al Ewing, Simon Spurrier, Rob Williams, Simon Coleby, Henry Flint, D’Israeli and Carl Critchlow. And now it’s all for […]

The Last 2000AD Of 2013

Alasdair Stuart writes: For many in the UK, Christmas is marked by the arrival of a double-sized Radio Times that, somehow, always seems to use the same Santa art for the front cover. For many others, Christmas only begins when 2000AD do their 100-page end of year blow out issue. It’s like an office party […]

Rob Williams On Writing Miss Fury As A Dimension-Hopping, Violent, Period Piece

Rob Williams started off as a freelance journalist and creator of corporate videos before he did Cla$$war for Com.X. Since then he’s worked for Marvel, Dark Horse, 2000AD and Dynamite Entertainment. Jai Nitz chatted with the writer about his very different take on a golden age heroine. Jai Nitz: Rob, I know you best from […]

Dark Souls II Gets Prequel Comic By Rob Williams, Andi Ewington And Simon Coleby

Before Dark Souls II hits the video game shelves, it will hit the comic shelves with Dark Souls II: Into The Light. The precursor is being co-written by Rob Williams (Ghost Rider, Dark X-Men, Cla$$war) and new comer Andi Ewington with the art by Simon Coleby (Judge Dredd, Authority). Dark Souls II: Into The Light […]

Forgotten Planet And How Aspiring Writers Aren’t Forgotten

Pete Rogers writes for Bleeding Cool: My first-ever comic script was called Darwin, it was about a murderous talking chimp and Andy Diggle was right, it was terrible.  I made the classic mistake of showing my work too early, not taking on board the notes I was given and missing a golden opportunity when Andy […]

Rob Williams Likens Digital Comics To Old Republic Serials

Rob Williams, writer of the Miss Fury series for Dynamite Entertainment, has decided to take a different approach to story telling. In April, a printed Miss Fury series debuted with Williams at the helm. Now, Dynamite is putting out a six-part ‘Digital First’ series for the character and William is trying a different approach. Williams: […]