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"Holey Moley" Debuts Thursday. Are You Ready?

“Holey Moley” is Not on This Week, Here’s What to Do Instead of Crying

There are a lot of things worth looking forward to every week. That perfect sunrise. Chris Evans‘ smile. A basket of enthusiastic puppies looking for snuggles. These last few weeks? It’s been Holey Moley, the glorious union of everything right with the world. If you need an hour to turn off your brain, relax, and […]

"Holey Moley" is the Citizen Kane of Dumb Game Shows

“Holey Moley” is Putting Back Into Our Hearts on Thursday

There where a lot of things I thought Holey Moley, ABC’s absurdly goofy, addictively watchable mini-golf obstacle course show would do- solve world hunger, end war in the Middle East, save me a lot on that muffler- but I never, not once in a million years though it would make me fall in love. I […]

21 Jump Street’s Rob Riggle Joins Fox’s Kaitlin Olson, Leah Remini Comedy Pilot

At today’s Television Critics Association (TCA) summer press event, Fox announced that It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia star Kaitlin Olson and Leah Remini (The King of Queens) would be starring in a new comedy pilot from Sunny star/co-creator Rob McElhenney, Rob Rosell (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The Mick) and 20th Century Fox TV. Now comes […]

Casting Roundup: A Not-So-Secret Jennifer Lawrence Cameo Rocks The Interwebs

Apparently people are really, really touchy about spoilers. A Jennifer Lawrence cameo (which is, admittedly, a pretty cool get for any movie) got spilled today, and the internet flipped out. Oh well. Since it’s already out there, it, and the rest of today’s castings, below in today’s roundup. • Jennifer Lawrence has filmed a “secret” […]

Our Exclusive 21 Jump Street Featurette

Due to some confusion over time zones – and not on our part, I might say – Bleeding Cool’s 21 Jump Street interviews didn’t happen this week. Shame, because both Michael and myself really liked the film and are pretty sure you’d like it too. Don’t forget that this was written by Scott Pilgrim‘s Michael […]