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John Layman Teases the Return of Chew...

John Layman Teases the Return of Chew 2 From Image Comics

Earlier this year, John Layman talked about the potential return of his five-year comic with Rob Guillory, Chew. After first talking about the effect its publication had on him. After CHEW ended I was exhausted. 64 issues (mostly) on time was grueling. I took a year off. Lost thirty pounds. Traveled the world. Sorta assumed […]

“Farmhand”: AMC, Rob Guillory Developing Pilot for Image Comics Series

AMC/AMC Studios and Eisner-award winner Rob Guillory (Chew) are giving the phrase “organ harvesting” a much more literal meaning, teaming up to bring his best-selling Image Comics comic book series Farmhand to series. Guillory will pen the pilot for the series, and will serve as executive producer along with LaToya Morgan (The Walking Dead, Into […]

Farmhand #2 cover by Rob Guillory

Farmhand #2 Review: Meanders and Doesn’t Advance Very Far

Zeke reflects on his childhood with Jedidiah. Zeke finds a “Vote for Throne” sign in front of his house that sends him into a rage. He tries to confront Jedidiah about it, but he doesn’t get the chance. Meanwhile, Jedidiah is helping a woman with a nose graft. Mae meats an old woman named Mo […]

Farmhand #1 cover by Rob Guillory

Farmhand #1 Review: Comedy, Horror, and Arm-Trees

Ezekiel is a writer with a wife and two kids. He and his family are going back home to visit his father. Zeke’s father, Jedidiah, is a farmer, but instead of plants, he grows body parts. He unlocked the secrets of a self-replicating stem cell that can grow like plants. Zeke has an awkward history […]

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Image Comics Expo 2018: Rob Guillory to Write and Draw ‘Farmhand’

Coming off a 64-issue run on Chew with John Layman, Rob Guillory announced his new series Farmhand at Image Comic Expo today. Guillory will be writing and drawing the new series that he describes as a dark comedy. Farmhand focuses on Jebediah Jenkins, a farmhand who has blueprints downloaded directly into his brain on how […]

C.B. Cebulski, Editor-In-Chief Of Marvel Comics

SCOOP: C.B. Cebulski Is The New Editor-In-Chief Of Marvel Comics

According to well-placed industry sources who have spoken to Bleeding Cool, C.B. Cebulski has just been made the new Editor-In-Chief of Marvel Comics. Regular readers of Bleeding Cool will know C.B. Cebulski well. Working for Marvel Comics since the early noughties, he was best known as the Talent Liason — the Marvel manager who would travel […]

[Updated] 12 Images From Marvel’s Venom Variant Month March 2017

Marvel released four of their Venom variants for their “Venom Variant Month” in March 2017 to CBR, quickly then distributing the images over a few sites and which we’ve collected here.   Well you didn’t see that when I published it yesterday (01:00 today my time!), because (like the total newbie that I am) I didn’t publish […]

EXCLUSIVE: The Plush Poyo From Skelton Crew Studio, For Chew

Bleeding Cool got the exclusive PR so we totally covered it in watermarks. Apparently that’s what you do. John Layman and Rob Guillory‘s Poyo, from the comic book (and upcoming animated series) Chew. A fury in feather form, a poultry psychopath, the beak of burden, the death cock, its Poyo! As created by Skelton Crew […]

Something Big To Chew Over Today

The comic book Chew, by John Layman and Rob Guillory, which has an abandoned Showtime production and an in progress animation production to its name, is approaching its fiftieth issue. A comic ostensibly about a world with chcken prohibition after an apocalyptic avian flu, quickly segued into a population with people developing food-derived superpowers, and […]

Exclusive: San Diego Comic Con Does Chew #50

This is the San Diego Comic Con exclusive wraparound cover for Chew #50, by Jon Layman and Rob Guillory. a truly tremendous achievement reaching the big five-oh, and out in time for the show… with a variant gold foil cover, it costs $10, is limited to 750 copies and, if past experience is anything to […]

John Layman Doesn’t Want To Tell Us Anything

While at the Phoenix Comic Con this last weekend I had the opportunity to sit down with writer John Layman to talk about the coming end for his and Rob Guillory’s creator-owned series Chew. With issue 50 due out next month for San Diego, the series will have just 10 issues to go… and the […]

SDCC 2015 Debut: Lady Action And Chew

Lady Action: The Sands Of Forever is a thriller prose novel using the Captain Action characters and written by Ron Fortier. Published by Airship 27 with a cover by Ted Hammond, it’s a spy thriller in the vein of Clive Cussler/Nelson DeMille/Ian Fleming, it will debut at San Diego Comic Con this year. As well as […]

Eisner Award-Winning Series Chew Gets A Tabletop Game From IDW

Are you a fan of the Eisner Award-winning comic series, Chew from Image Comics? If the answer is yes, I have good news for you. This brilliant comic is being turned into a tabletop board game! Chew: Cases of the FDA is going to be a card game for 2-5 players and will have an […]

The Final Page Of The Most Recent Issue Of Chew Shocked Me To My Core

So,the most recent issue of Chew. The comic has been specialising of late in doing terrible things to characters. Death, dismemberment, drawing people in two, it’s never safe to be a character in Jon Layman and Rob Guillory‘s ongoing comic book. But there are a few things you could be sure about. That Tony Chu […]

Chew #44 Gets Downright Nasty (SPOILERS)

This was the last page of last month’s Chew #43. Was it a hoax? A dream? An imaginary story? No. As seen from this panel from tomorrow’s Chew #44. In a world fuelled by food-based superpowers, nuclear cockerels and speakeasy KFCs, anything can – and often does – happen. And while there has been death […]

Cover Variance: Chew, Poyo Warrior Chicken Special

Here is the second print variant of Chew: Warrior Chicken Poyo #1, the first print ofwhich sold out like a bomb. And it’s keeping a grand tradition of Poyo covers… here are a couple of Days Of Future Poyo…

Warrior Chicken Poyo, Foiled, Launched And Reviewed At San Diego Comic Con

Peter S. Svensson, fueled by Gatorade, reviews Warrior Chicken Poyo for Bleeding Cool. This Chew-spin-off semi-annual-ish one-hot premiered at Comic Con, a week before it hits stores. It’s a fantasy adventure comedy about a cyborg luchador secret agent who is also a rooster, all complete in 20 pages. Chew is both the funniest and the […]