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Review: GameStop's Green Lantern – Lantern Corps Ring Set

A while ago we were looking over new DC stuff that had come out in 2019, and one of the items that caught our eye was a GameStop Green Lantern exclusive. GameStop usually gets a lot of exclusive items you can't really nab anywhere else, so when something shiny comes along that you absolutely need […]

Fortress Festoon: Exploring Geeky Jewelry and Watches from ThinkGeek

In our latest edition of Fortress Festoon, we'll go off the beaten path for a second when it comes to home design and focus more on something personal that while still stored at home on display, you can also take around town with you. We're talking watches and jewelry. While the use of a watch […]

Rings Has Been Delayed Into 2017

Poor Rings. The film has had a rough go of it, with it already being delayed two times. Well, it has just seen one more, moving from a lucrative October spot to February 3rd 2017, Variety report. It's a pretty sudden move, with the film originally slated for not too far away. There is no official reason […]

Rings Trailer Reveals Seven Days Of Samara

Samara is back in Rings. And as before, a video and a phone call signal the seven days before she kills her intended victim. But as the trailer shows, those seven days are not all the pleasant either with strange happenings, weird marks and a visit from Vincent D'Onofrio. Rings comes to theaters on October […]