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Review: GameStop's Green Lantern – Lantern Corps Ring Set

A while ago we were looking over new DC stuff that had come out in 2019, and one of the items that caught our eye was a GameStop Green Lantern exclusive. GameStop usually gets a lot of exclusive items you can't really nab anywhere else, so when something shiny comes along that you absolutely need […]

Fortress Festoon: Exploring Geeky Jewelry and Watches from ThinkGeek

In our latest edition of Fortress Festoon, we'll go off the beaten path for a second when it comes to home design and focus more on something personal that while still stored at home on display, you can also take around town with you. We're talking watches and jewelry. While the use of a watch […]

Geoff Johns Confirms Deathstorm And The Crime Syndicate For Forever Evil

In an interview with IGN, Geoff Johns has not only confirmed the Crime Syndicate's role in Forever Evil and, indeed, Trinity War, but also some of the figures in that league as seen above, namely Ultraman, Superwoman, Johnny Quick, Power Ring an Owlman "plus new member Deathstorm". Bleeding Cool mentioned Deathstorm as an analogue to […]

Expecting a Green Lantern Ring With Your Green Lantern #21? Sorry…

DC Comics recently brought back the Green Lantern Promotional scheme for the post-Johns/Mahnke/Milligan/Tomasi/Bedard run on the Green Lantern books, to help intoduce the new status quo and creative teams. Just like they did with the Blackest Night promotion years ago, retailers could buy bags of rings to sell or give away with each issue, and […]

How To Propose By Arc Reactor

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7_rNg1WmcIo[/youtube] From Ed's Junk; This is by far one of more more fun projects Ive ever done! A little background first, my girlfriend, now fiancé, has always loved projects I've made and really enjoys them. She has started calling me Tony Stark (which any guy will gladly accept that comparison)  after I created a simple […]

Full Trailer For Ring Sequel Sadako 3D Takes Its J-Horror Tropes Online

The next 404 warning you get could be the death of you. This trailer for Sadako 3D contains what appears to be a couple of spoiler shots and a handful of repeated ideas – repeated in the context of this trailer, and repeated from previous films in the Ring series. Still, I know I'm going […]

Beware, The Fist Of Stan!

From Stan Lee and Pow! Entertainment… one of 250 .925 sterling silver rings made in the shape of Stan's POW! logo, each with a certificate of authenticity signed by Stan, with a glass case and jewelry pouch. So if you get involved in a fist fight, you can really make an impression on someone's cheek. Sound […]

DC Comics' Legion Flight Ring Giveaway In October

For every 25 copies of Legion: Secret Origin #1 by Paul Levitz and Chris Batista, comic book retailers can order a bag of 50 Legion of Super-Heroes Promotional Flight Rings. The idea is they can give them away with the comic… or sell them… or whatever they want really. So not only do you get […]

The Best Green Lantern Themed TV Commercial Of All

And it's not even an official Green Lantern partner. Brilliant, pure dead brilliant. Dodgy politics obviously, but hey. This is advertising. This, by the way, is called a benefit-led commercial, rather than a feature-led commercial. Write that down, we'll be talking about it tomorrow. There may be a test.