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Rick Veitch's the One #6 cover by Rick Veitch

Rick Veitch’s The One #6 Review: The Beatles References that Never Were

Charles’ battle against Bog has torn the world to shreds. The surface is no longer inhabitable. Charles finally brings Bog’s rampage to an end, but it’s too late for our planet. Humanity has two choices: join the One or join the Other. Egypt now faces the same choice as she falls from a toppling skyscraper. […]

Comics for Your Pull Box, Week of July 11th, 2018: Superman Begins Anew

Wednesday draws near, and that means it’s time for another installment of Comics for Your Pull Box. We have a ton of major releases this week, but here at Bleeding Cool we are going to try and narrow it down to the absolute must-haves and must-tries. Here is the link to the full Comic List […]

Rick Veitch's the One #5 cover by Rick Veitch

Rick Veitch’s The One #5 Review: Bizarre, Intriguing, and Unnerving

The battle between the superhumans is destroying all of Manhattan. Bog and Charlie are seemingly equally matched. During an intermission, Charlie finds Amelia and tells her what he’s learned of their past. Amelia leaves to see if it’s true, leaving Charlie to battle Bog once more. Meanwhile, Egypt is wandering the decimated city in fear, […]

The One #4 cover by Rick Veitch

Rick Veitch’s the One #4 Review: Amelia vs Bog and the Ripped-Off Face

Charles finds himself under the charms and manipulation of Pavlova, but the situation goes for more horribly than Pavlova could have anticipated. In the States, Amelia battles Bog across New York City, destroying everything in their path. Back with Larry, Egypt, Guda, and the Doc, Larry continues his bizarre transformations. The tension and action increases […]

The One #3 cover by Rick Veitch

Rick Veitch’s The One #3 Review: Psychedelic and Strangely Compelling

Larry flies to the North Pole with the One and meets the more human half of the being. On the way, the One and Larry meet one half of America’s superhuman team. Egypt sees the darkest depths of Jay-Hole’s selfishness and his infection with the Other. Gob continues to rampage through Moscow, and Premiere Kubalov […]