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Comicbooks For Kids

Legends Create Colouring Book For ComicBooks For Kids

ComicBooks For Kids! has created a new colouring book using bith established comic book creators and new talent, as well as biographies for the artists featured within, a first for colouring books. Titled Legends Vol 1, this volume includes previously published art, new art or unseen-until-now art from the likes of John Bolton, Gary Gianni, […]

rob liefeld

Tom Scioli Preps Liefeld-esque Cover for Go-Bots #1

At San Diego Comic-Con, we learned that Tom Scioli will write and draw a Go-Bots comic reboot for IDW, launching in October and touted as “the first story to feature classic toy and cartoon characters like Leader-1, Scooter, Turbo, and Cy-Kill’s Renegades in over three decades!” “This is a dream project – I’m writing, drawing, […]

Dry County #2 cover by Rich Tommaso

Dry County #2 Review: A Dull Detective Story with

Lou thinks things are moving forward with Janet when she mysteriously disappears, and her apartment is trashed. Lou assumes her ex-boyfriend is responsible, and Lou and Rob begin searching South Florida for her whereabouts. Dry County wants to be a pseudo-noir mystery comic about a comic strip writer searching for his potential girlfriend over whom […]

Spy Seal

Rich Tommaso’s Spy Seal Hits Trade Paperback In January

Rich Tommaso‘s Spy Seal is getting a trade paperback collection from Image Comics in January, according to a press release sent out by the publisher today. Tommaso created the character, a British secret agent who is also an anthropomorphic seal, when he was 13 years old, and revived the character in 2017 as an Image […]

Winner Of Most Disturbing Comic Of The Week: Dark Corridor #2

There’s no actual contest, though this is a general and pretty profound reaction looking at the comics this week, and each week always brings a few disturbing comics, or many. That’s certainly one of the points of comics–to disturb you and shake up your perceptions. But I reviewed the first issue of Rich Tommaso’s Dark […]

3 Pages Deep Into Rich Tommaso’s Dark Corridor

Earlier this year, Bleeding Cool Editor-In-Chief Hannah Means-Shannon talked to cartoonist Rich Tommaso. In which he told her, there’s very little editing of your ideas going on in the indie world vs. working at say, Marvel or DC. The con is that you’re always going to be dirt poor working on that side of the fence. […]

The Beautiful Genre Work Of Recoil Comics – Rich Tommaso Talks Shop

Mentioning Rich Tommaso’s comics usually produces the same reactions in people, I’ve noticed. Firstly, they always know who I’m talking about, even if I preface it with a kind of “I won’t judge you if you haven’t heard of him” clause in case they haven’t, and secondly they are pretty much in awe of him […]

Divorcing Dracula Is Hard On The Kids In Tommaso’s Don’t Look Back!

By Hannah Means-Shannon Rich Tommaso went self-imprinted with Recoil Comics when he launched his graphic novel The Cavalier Mr. Thompson at Small Press Expo in 2012. He had worked previously and for some years with Dark Horse Maverick and Fantagraphics producing a range of comics leaning toward crime, suspense, the gothic, and generally offbeat. Striking […]