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When Rian Hughes Fixed The Marvel Logo

At the top, the earlier Marvel logo, in the middle, notes from comic book designer extraordinaire Rian Hughes, and at the bottom, the current Marvel logo. Did you notice?

When Rian Hughes Pitched Fifty Logos For DC Comics

Rian Hughes is known as one of the finest logo designers in comic books. Just one of his many Rennaissance Man skills. You can see his work on DC titles, Valiant and Forbidden Planet logos and plenty more. In 2002, quite without solicitation, he submitted almost 50 ideas for logos to DC Comics. Here they […]

Checking In On Is She Available? By Igor Goldkind

From Igor Goldkind‘s Is She Available, art from Jeff Christensen, design by Rian Hughes. We talked a lot about it here. This is just one page.. And here is another spread with art just by Hughes. And the cover by Bill Sienkiewicz. As you can tell, Igor has plenty of friends… Available digitally now. In […]

Tonight, Ask Rian Hughes Everything About Multiversity. He Won’t Mind, Honest.

Tonight, Rian Hughes is appearing at Gosh Comics in London, on behalf of the centre for adult learning, City Lit. Hughes is well known for his design and advertising work, his typographical work and for his comics work, three spheres that oddly seldom cross. He drew Grant Morrison’s Dare, he designed the Forbidden Planet logo […]

Grant Morrison To Issue His Own Guide To Multiversity

I had a very nice chat in the pub a few weeks ago with Rian Hughes, the man who designed the Multiversity poster given away at San Diego Comic Con. In it, he told me some of the decisions he made, how he decided which worlds would go where, how the designs were arrived to […]

Valiant Announces New Series Focusing On The One Percent

Valiant’s secret society One Percent of Wall Street get their own solo adventure. In November the publisher will release Archer & Armstrong: The One Percent #1 by Ray Fawkes (Constantine) and Joe Eisma (Morning Glories).   They tried to save the Euro, but almost destroyed the world. Thwarted by the adventurers known as Archer & […]

Rian Hughes’ Logo For The Stan Lee Eagle Awards

  That’s the new Rian Hughes-designed logo for the Stan Lee Eagle Awards, newly renamed and newly rebooted. Long standing British comic book awards, which has had major ownership controversy over recent years, and has moved from the MCM Expo to the London Film And Comic Con (and picked up Stan Lee in the process), […]

Grant Morrison And Rian Hughes’ The Key – A New Comic From The BBC

As part of their Freedom 2014 season, the BBC has commissioned a new webcomic from Grant Morrison and Rian Hughes, entitled The Key. It can be read in its entirety, here. It tells a wordless story, of freedom of action, of liberty, of thought and speech, entwined together with keys and the ideas of keys. There’s […]

Exclusive – First Look At The Covers For Valiant’s Rai #2

Ahead of next weeks solicitation information, we’ve got an exclusive first look at the covers for Valiant‘s Rai #2. Here we see the covers by Raul Allen, Mico Suayan and the mask variant by Rian Hughes. RAI #2 Written by Matt Kindt Art by Clayton Crain Covers by Raul Allen and Mico Suayan Mask Cover by Rian […]

Things To Do In London In May If You Like Comics And Burlesque

Rian Hughes, Bleeding Cool’s Jessica Kemp, Jessica Martin, Chrissie Nicholson-Wild of Curve Couture and more will be exhibiting together at the London Burlesque Fest forthe Big Burlesque Day Out in May 24th. Rian Hughes, best known for drawing Grant Morrison‘s Dare, designing the Forbidden Planet logo (and the current Valiant logo) as well as lots […]

From Batmobile To Burlesque – A Comic Book Diva

Rian Hughes‘ Batman story recently appeared in Batman: Black & White which featured an array of vehicles. And he’s chosen to share his Batmobile designs from the story with Bleeding Cool. And that’s not all… He’s also recently released through Image Comics, his Soho Dives, Soho Divas book, featuring burlesque sketches over the past few […]

Getting A Feel For Comic Arts Brooklyn – Through Books And Pictures

Comic Arts Brooklyn ran for one day, Saturday November 9th, though there were related gallery shows and events leading up to the big day. It also ran panels at The Knitting Factory down the street, which played host to Paul Auster, Art Spiegelman, Jeff Smith, and many more. I believe the final tally for the […]

The History of Foyles In Comic Book Form

When I went to the Image Duplicator exhibition in London last night, I also walked past Foyles, the classic London bookstore, who have taking the hoardings of nearby renovations and have used a number of cartoonists to tell their history as a strip… from the likes of Steven Appleby, John Miers, Karrie Fransman, Hunt Emerson, […]

Rian Hughes’ Burlesque Gallery And Introduction To Soho Dives, Soho Divas

Designer, cartoonist and comic creator extraordinaire Rian Hughes has created a series of portraits of London’s burlesque performers, including sketches from life, graphic illustrations and paintings in a variety of media and styles. Here is the introduction to Image Comics’ upcoming Soho Dives, Soho Divas, for November. I’m sure that, like me, you’re wary of […]

Rian Hughes Talks Through His Shadowman Logos

Yesterday, Bleeding Cool ran the motherlode of Rian Hughes alternatives for the new logo of Valiant Entertainment’s Shadowman. You can see them all here, but Rian asked if he could add his own take on the logo treatments. He writes; As with the previous Valiant logos, the first stage was to look at the vintage […]

Rian Hughes Looks Again At The New DC Logo

When Bleeding Cool broke the story of the new DC logo, we were able to ask comic book logo designer Rian Hughes what he thought, and he was rather complimentary. He’s less complimentary now. He writes; As I’ve mentioned, a good logo should first and foremost work “bare”, preferably without any 3D rendering and Photoshop […]

Rian Hughes Designs New Valiant Logo

Today, Valiant Entertainment launches their new logo, designed by Rian Hughes. I like it. It’s also reminiscent of Rian’s most famous logo, for Forbidden Planet. Anyway, this is how it will look like on the cover of the criminally-under-ordered-and-likely-to-hit-$20-by-the-weekend-after-its-released X-O Manowar.  

Batgirl Logos That Could Have Been – Rian Hughes Designs For The New 52

Rian Hughes is best known by many as the artist on Grant Morrison’s Dare. But these days his influence is all around us, a specialist in design, logos, and commenrcial illustration. Which happens to include a bunch of stuff for Marvel and DC. He’s also designed the logos for Forbidden Planet, Gosh Comics and Archaia. […]