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Rebellion to Republish Trigan Empire

Rebellion to Republish Don Lawrence’s Trigan Empire in Full

We knew that 2000 AD publisher Rebellion had bought the rights to the classic Trigan Empire comic book by Mike Butterworth and Don Lawrence, along with the rest of the IPC Publishing rights. And now, announced at the Diamond Retail Summit in Las Vegas last night, Rebellion is to republish and recollect the Trigan Empire […]

IDW Has Your Big Announcements at the Retailer Summit, But They Refuse to Announce Them

IDW has some major announcements. Huge, massive announcements, probably, that will shake the comic book industry to its core. Comics will never be the same again after these announcements. But, uh… they’re not telling us what they are. At the Diamond Retailer Summit, IDW gave its presentation during dinner, and though they promised these announcements […]

Eric Powell States the Obvious: Oversaturation and Tired Gimmicks are Killing Comics

At the Diamond Retailer Summit dinner at C2E2 in Chicago, Eric Powell took the stage for the Albatross Funnybooks presentation, and he used the opportunity to state the obvious: “oversaturation of products and tired gimmicks like alternate covers are killing our business.” After a heavy sigh and some scattered applause from the crowd, Powell launched […]

Marvel Editor-in-Chief Considers Eliminating Incentive Variants

Marvel Comics isn’t known as The House of Ideas for nothing. The company is constantly innovating, especially when innovating is here defined as finding ways to spike comic book sales without increasing the actual readership of their comics. Marvel has tried everything from reboots to super-mega-crossover events to more reboots to more super-mega-crossover events to […]

Marvel’s Fresh Start Brings a Fresh Trade Dress, Dual Numbers

It’s rough to be a comic book collector nowadays. A never-ending cycle of reboots, launching a new volume of a popular comic with a new #1 issue, interspersed with various periods of returning to the first volume’s number for “legacy numbers,” has made keeping track of your collection a real mess. Looking to get your […]

Amazing Spider-Man #800

Amazing Spider-Man #800 Has Sold 200,000 Fewer Copies Than Action Comics #1000

As much as we like to make fun of them, we can’t help but feel a little bit sorry for Marvel Comics today. At the Diamond Retailer Summit at C2E2 today, Marvel’s presentation was set to happen after lunch, with DC’s presentation happening before that. Marvel had some big news about the sales numbers for […]

Retailer Expelled From Marvel’s Secret Facebook Group After Penning Critical Op/Ed

Retailer Brandon Schatz writes a column at the website Comics Beat called The Retailer’s View, which is pretty self-explanatory in its title. Past topics have included “Quite A Lot Of Variants,” “Top Sellers and Bottom Dwellers,” and “Should Printed Single Issues Go Away?” You get the idea. In Schatz’ most recent column, “A Disgrace To […]