Toys 'R' Us Announces Return With Two New Retail Stores

Toys "R" Us Announces Return With Two New Retail Stores

After packing it up, laying off thousands of employees, and basically saying goodbye to everyone, Toys "R" Us announced they're returning with two new stores. The company sent out an announcement last week, letting people know they would be revitalizing the brand with improved stores using a different strategy. The two new locations will be […]

The Only Local Comics Shop In A Country Of 160 Million

By Kevin Carter If you've never heard of Bangladesh, I wouldn't be surprised. It's a small, third world country and about half the size of the State of Virginia. It has 160 million people inhabiting its lands. In all that chaos, there is a safe haven for comic geeks, somewhere someone can go and escape […]

Is Marvel Killing Readership On Their Own Titles?

By Terry Hoknes of Marvel is on a winning streak with new titles lately. However isn't the goal of starting new series to bring in new readers and make them want to pick up issues month to month? In February, Marvel has 60 different continuing titles. I decided to do some detective work and […]

Tampa Bay's Emerald City Comics Celebrates 25 Years

By Christopher Helton It isn't every day that a comic store makes it to twenty five years, and this past weekend local comic store Emerald City Comics wrapped up a month long celebration of reaching this milestone. This weekend's party was a tie-in to the new Batman-related television show Gotham that aired this past week. […]

LIVE! From The Baltimore Comic Con Retail Breakfast

Bright and early on the first day of the newly expanded 3 day Baltimore Comic Con, retailers turned out to hear about new announcements from publishers and new tools from Diamond. The presentations opened with Diamond online developments to aid retailers, similar to the presentation delivered at San Diego Comic Con featuring sell-sheet generators. Launched […]

Hastings Intends To Merge With NECA

In 2010 when we covered the launch of the Hastings Entertainment stores, we pondered if it was basically the first national chain of comic book stores. Now the multimedia entertainment retailer has entered into an Agreement and Plan of Merger with Draw Another Circle, LLC and Hendrix Axquisition Corp. Both of which are wholly-owned by […]

Can ComiXology Create New Comics Readers?

Brian M. Puaca writes for Bleeding Cool I have read many articles over the past year touting the success of ComiXology and the digital comics revolution that is well underway. It was only a few months ago that ComiXology reported the sale of its two hundred millionth digital comic sold. And that was less than […]