Chris Hemsworth "Makes Some Improvements" to 'Avengers: Endgame' Posters

“Avengers” Star Don Cheadle Wants More Opportunities for Actors with Disabilities

Avengers: Endgame star Don Cheadle responded to a fan inquiry at ACE Comic Conin Seattle about the response he’s had from the disability community playing James “Rhodey” Rhodes/War Machine, who suffered a serious spinal injury during the events of Captain America: Civil War. Following his injury, Tony Stark/Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) created braces to […]

Robert B. Warren Writes on Black Representation in Comics: Hand-Me-Down Culture

Sci-fi and fantasy author Robert B. Warren submitted the following op/ed, titled “Hand-Me-Down Culture,” to Bleeding Cool: Growing up in the Deep South, you become accustomed to certain truths. Tea should be cold and sweet, gathering pecans is a team-building exercise, and behind every old home is a story. For many of these homes, the story […]


At Least Two LGBTQ Characters Coming to the MCU, Says Kevin Feige

Representation matters, and Marvel Studios is [finally] realizing that more and more with the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). The first MCU black superhero film shattered all kinds of box office records, and the first female-fronted film in the franchise is already one of the most talked-about pre-release titles this side of Infinity War. In a recent […]

Reed Hastings

Netflix CEO “Not So Big” on Inclusion Riders at Streaming Service

With 117 million subscribers and its ability to both buy existing projects as well as develop original content from ground up, Netflix has proven itself to be a growing influential force throughout every corner of the multimedia landscape — which is why the streaming service’s policy towards adding “inclusion riders” is catching a number of […]

Tessa Thompson

Schrödinger’s Gay Makes Another Appearance In The MCU

Back in May director James Gunn was asked whether or not there was a gay character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He said that there are “probably, you know, gay characters in the Marvel universe and we just don’t know who they are yet,” basically saying that because it’s never addressed then it could be […]

Jane the Virgin’s Gina Rodriguez Developing Latino Series For CBS, CW

Actress Gina Rodriguez is putting her words into action when it comes to increasing diversity and representation in front of and behind the camera; the Jane the Virgin star is developing two new series for CBS and The CW that are centered around the Latino community. Rodriguez’s I Can & I Will Productions will develop both […]

When The ‘Love Is Love’ Panel At Flame Con 2017 Took A Turn…(VIDEO)

In memory of those tragically lost in Orlando’s Pulse nightclub tragedy and to benefit the victims left in its wake, the comics industry came together to produce the charity comic book Love Is Love.  Organized and curated by writer Marc Andreyko (Batwoman, Manhunter) and published jointly by IDW Publishing and DC Comics, the book featured an […]

Jessica Chastain’s NOT Happy With CBS’ Lack Of Female Leads This Fall

You don’t need a crystal ball to see that times are tough for “The Big Three” networks (ABC/CBS/NBC): with cable and streaming services like HBO, Netflix and Amazon around, they’re seen as “your grandfather’s network” that have been losing viewers and creative talents for years now. The Television Critics Association’s (TCA’s) press junkets give the […]

Representation Matters: Chief From ‘Wonder Woman’ Is Awesome

Now that Wonder Woman has opened and is actually good, there are going to be a lot of think pieces about how representation in movies is important. It is important, but most of these pieces will likely be on the subject of gender representation and the effect this movie can have on little girls. That is great, and […]

Comics Reacts to Wonder Woman/UN News

By Joe Glass The comics community has been awash with opinion on the UN’s decision to remove Wonder Woman early from the role of Honorary Ambassador for Empowerment of Women and Girls. Well, needless to say, comics is really not too happy about it. Especially creators who have worked on Wonder Woman over the years. […]

Marvel Finally Stand Behind An LGBTQ Lead?

By Joe Glass Marvel have teased their first new X-Men title as part of the upcoming Resurrxion, and it’s an Iceman solo title. And my first immediate reaction is to scream ‘YAY’ followed by ‘It’s about damn time’. In terms of letting books be lead by LGBTQ characters, Marvel has been somewhat lacking. When they […]

Diversity Wins Big At New York Comic Con

By Joe Glass This year, instead of my usual con reporting, I actually tabled at New York Comic Con. I was part of the LGBT HQ booth, a wonderful organisation who attend various comic cons on the east coast and try to become a hub for all things gay at comic cons. They would like […]

One Of The Most Amazing Moments Of Affirmation At San Diego Comic-Con – Bisexuality And Beyond

By Joe Glass Moderated by Faith Cheltenham, panelists included Steve Orlando, Bob Schreck, Tara Madison Avery, Marissa Lee, RJ Aguiar and Sarah Stumpf. Also last minute addition Michelle Soto. Going through a slideshow covering things like the definitions of bisexuality, pansexuality and fluid queerness. It featured several popular bi/pan/fluid sexuality characters like Torchwood’s Captain Jack […]

Tales From The Four Color Closet: One Week After Orlando

By Joe Glass A week ago saw the worst mass shooting in American history. To date. I’m sad that I feel I need to add that last bit, but frankly, the phrase ‘worst mass shooting in American history’ is becoming all too frequently uttered. It was an act of absolute terror. But it was also […]

The Pride Ends At Thought Bubble Next Week

By Joe Glass Anyone who’s been reading any of my articles on here probably knows that I also make a couple comics of my own. My first comics, I’ve struggled, enjoyed and learned so much while making them. All of that is coming to an end with the upcoming Thought Bubble Comics Festival next weekend. […]