The Trailer For The 'Death Wish' Remake Could Not Be More Generic

When the first look at the new Death Wish remake brought to us by Eli Roth dropped yesterday the world didn't seem to react much. We'd only seen four images plus an interview with Roth but everything he was saying sounded like every other action movie that is out there right now. Now we have […]

First Look At Eli Roth's 'Death Wish' Remake

There is a remake for Death Wish coming out this November and it stars one of the premiere action heroes; Bruce Willis. Willis, however, hasn't had a major box office success in quite some time and the movie is being directed by Eli Roth who is known for horror and gore and not action. Yahoo […]

The Lion King Remake Casts John Oliver

Last Week Tonight's man main John Oliver is joining the great Disney circle of life, and the casting is perfect. Jon Favreau, hot off the success of his live action remake of the Disney animated classic The Jungle Book is bringing the sunbaked world of Pride Lands to life in his next adaptation, The Lion King. It sure looks […]

James Mangold To Direct Remake Of 'Disorder'

When you make a movie like Logan a huge critical and commercial success you can pick and choose what projects you want to take on next. It's the type of freedom that is rarely awarded to director and James Mangold appears to be in that position. According to The Tracking Board Mangold has signed on […]

I've Just Read Diane Ruggiero-Wright's Script For The US Remake Of Misfits

Yesterday, we told that iZombie TV show co-creator/producer and Veronica Mars alumni Diane Ruggiero-Wright was behind the new US remake of Misfits. Today, we get a look at that first script. How does it stand up? Well the language has been toned down, the first UK series began with the memorable "I'm gonna kick you so hard […]

Remake News: Snake Plissken Ready To Escape From New York… Again

We've known for two years that Fox is working on a reboot of the John Carpenter classic originally starring Kurt Russell, Escape From New York. Finally, we have some details on what we can expect from the film, according to an EXXXCLUSIVE report from sandwich-themed Hollywood gossip blog The Wrap. Written by Luther creator Neal […]

This Resident Evil 2 Fan Remake Is Looking Very Impressive

When Resident Evil HD Remake came out, a lot of fans were expecting Resident Evil 2 to be the next game to get the treatment. Alas, it was the more obscure Resident Evil 0 next up for the up-rez, leaving some a little disappointed. Here is something else to tide you over until Capcom one […]

First Image Of The New Danger Mouse And Penfold

I dare say this image is about to go viral across the web. All credit to the sly fellow who supplied it to us. It's the first look at the rebooted Danger Mouse. Well, DM looks a little more posh, somehow, than the original. Penfold looks… identical. Nice way to riff on the 007 iris […]

The Robocop Reboot Is Out On UK DVD And Blu-Ray Today And We Like It

Not only is José Padilha's reboot of Robocop (and I feel that reboot is more applicable than ever) on UK shelves today, it was also in the Bleeding Cool letterbox. Along with this t-shirt and Bluetooth headset. A far preferable option to having cybernetic functions actually drilled into the skull. We rather liked this movie, not […]

First Trailer For The TV Series Version Of From Dusk Till Dawn

Fargo isn't the only greta 90s movie getting a TV do-over this year, with From Dusk Till Dawn providing Robert Rodriguez's new El Ray Network with what should be, I think, its first proper draw. Everybody has been recast, by the looks of things. I think we'll soon get over that – but will the […]