Marvel to Relaunch Voices Podcast with New #1 Issue Comic Book

Now Marvel’s Voices Podcast Gets a New #1 Issue

If there’s one thing the folks over at Marvel love, it’s relaunching their comic books with new #1 issues. Unfortunately, there are only so many comics to relaunch and Marvel has apparently run out. Around the Marvel offices, we imagine, there were a lot of really sad faces as Marvel editorial staff sat around without […]

Marvel Releases Trailer for Ed Brisson and Aaron Kuder's Ghost Rider Relaunch

Marvel Releases Trailer for Ed Brisson and Aaron Kuder’s Ghost Rider Relaunch

With Final Order Cutoff approaching on Monday, Marvel Comics has released a trailer for the upcoming Ghost Rider #1, the relaunch focusing on Johnny Blaze and Danny Ketch by writer Ed Brisson and artist Aaron Kuder, set to hit stores on October 2nd. “We could not be more excited about Ghost Rider #1,” says Marvel […]

Marvel Releases First Six Legacy Teaser Covers, Changing Industry Forever

Yesterday, Marvel Comics promised us an announcement about their upcoming Legacy initiative that would change the comic book industry, with Legacy affecting every hero, every title, every story. Today, Marvel has begun to deliver on that promise with… six Legacy covers homaging classic past covers, released to a compliant media partner website. Well, you can’t […]