Lack Of Info Regarding Stan Lee Refunds At ACBC (Refund UPDATE)

He’s 1 happy dad knowing he’ll meet Stan Lee at @DoACBC. Join us this weekend #ACBC #JerseyFun #HowFamiliesDoAC — Jennifer Auer (@Jerseyfamilyfun) May 12, 2015 So Stan Lee cancelled his appearance at the Atlantic City Boardwalk Comic Con starting today. This is not uncommon, Stan Lee in his nineties has had to cancel a […]

Rhode Island Comic Con Makes Full Apology, But Questions Still Need To Be Answered

Posted to their Facebook page, the Rhode Island Comic Con has made a full statement regarding the weekend’s “hiccup”. On behalf of everyone at the 2014 Rhode Island Comic Con, please accept our heartfelt, sincere apology for the numerous and unacceptable issues that arose during this past weekend’s convention held at the RI Convention Center on […]