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Things To Do In The Midlands This Weekend If You Like Comics, Cosplay, And Gaming

By Olly MacNamee Saturday 14th February 2015 sees the MCM Comic Con season kick off in style here in the Midlands at the Telford International Centre with the usual mixture of anime, cosplay and comics. A day for fans to show their (Valentine’s Day) love and solidarity for all things pop-culturally related, all under one […]

Unlock A New Red Dwarf X Trailer-Clip Now

Every Saturday between now and the launch of Red Dwarf X on October 4th, Dave will be posting a new trailer-clip for the series online. It’s going to be locked, however, and will require an access code to get it to play. This code is going to be broadcast on Dave, in the ad breaks […]

New Red Dwarf X Clip Demonstrates Some Entanglement

Not the trailer we were expecting, but a clip of Kryten and the cat getting Entangled. If you read the episode list we ran the other day, I bet you’ve guessed which instalment this is from. [youtube][/youtube] Feels old school Dwarfy, but will it prove to be vintage?  

Welcome To The New Red Dwarf Sleeping Quarters

Every woman in the universe is dead and these are the sleeping quarters of the last man alive and they’re this tidy? And that man is Dave Lister? Really? Kryten, you’re a miracle worker.* We know what that jar in the foreground is all about, but we were asked not to spoil anything however small… […]

Red Dwarf X Gets A Teaser Trailer

It’s back. The laugh track is back. The guitar riff is back. It’s cold outside, there’s no kind of atmosphere…. Red Dwarf X. Coming soon.

Two New Images From The Next Series Of Red Dwarf, Direct From The Editing Chair

The next series of Red Dwarf is currently in post-production. How do we know this? Why, because the show’s co-producer and composer have both been kind enough to share photographic evidence of the editing process on Twitter. First up, here’s Howard Goodall working on the music for the series. As you can see, the image […]

Thursday Trending Topics: The New Red Dwarf

We’ve done a few posts about the upcoming revival of Red Dwarf, but the first official pic is the one that got the world to pay attention — in a very big way.  You can find out more at the following: VIDEO: A Look At Red Dwarf Model Work From The Upcoming Series More Red […]

First Official Shot From The New Series Of Red Dwarf

It’s time for a promotional image from an upcoming film or TV show. Which is to say, it’s time to watch some actors looking out of frame at something we can’t see, acting like it’s of the utmost importance. This being a Red Dwarf promotional, the way they’re acting this is rather bold, to say […]