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Supergirl - "Red Dawn" Promo

'Supergirl' Season 4, Episode 21 "Red Dawn": It's On Like Donkey Kong! [PREVIEW]

As we fly head-first into season four's penultimate episode of the CW's Supergirl "Red Dawn," it looks like we're getting the smackdown we've been anxiously awaiting at least half the season for: Kara (Melissa Benoist) vs. Lex Luthor's (Jon Cryer) Red Daughter. Meanwhile, Alex (Chyler Leigh) realizes that there are some serious gaps in her […]

Occupation poster

Castle Talk: 'Occupation' Is an Australian 'Red Dawn' with Alien Invaders

Luke Sparke is the writer and director of Occupation, in theaters and on VOD and Digital HD on July 20th, 2018. In Occupation, the inhabitants of a small town in Australia realize they must band together for a chance to strike back at an massive alien invasion. The film features a really big cast including Dan Ewing (Home and Away, Power Rangers […]

Look: See A Key Red Dawn Moment Being Recreated For The Remake

Now, I'm not going to call this an "iconic moment" when "key moment" seems more apt – it's not Marilyn Monroe standing on a subway grate or anything – but this beat in the original Red Dawn meant something to the fans. And I think they'll probably be relieved to see it restaged in the […]

First Footage From The Red Dawn Remake

Here's one of those semi-trailers, this time revealing footage from the remake of Red Dawn. It's been a long time coming, and changed its mission somewhat in the meantime, but the film will finally be released this November. The son of Odin meets the son of whatever it is Scientology have for second in command. […]

Red Dawn Remake Producer Fights Controversy With Controversy

More and more it seems like the Red Dawn remake is set to have an awful lot of key points in common with its 1980s counterpart. By which I mean it's going to be an ignorant, arrogant power fantasy wrapped in a fog of hysterical scaremongering. All I can hope for now is that it's […]

Racist For Pay: The New Red Dawn Undergoes Some Changes

In John Milius' original Red Dawn, from 1984 though that's no excuse, the baddies were the Soviet miltary, portrayed invading the United States. When word on the remake came along, I was a touch surprised to hear that the Chinese were in to replace the Russians as the big baddies. I had been expecting a […]

MGM Deal Near – Hobbits, Bond, Cabin and Red Dawn All Saved?

If The Wall Street Journal have interpreted the tea leaves right, an MGM deal is looking imminent. After all of the earlier shenanigans with Lionsgate and Summit bids, it looks like Gary Barber and Roger Birnbaum's Spyglass Entertainment are to be declared the lucky winners. Here's the financialese: Messrs. Barber and Birnbaum would run MGM […]