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Redbull & Tetris Come Together For "Tetris Mind Bender"

This week, Tetris and Red Bull decided to come together and make a game of their own as we get Tetris Mind Bender. The game takes the puzzle aspect to a new degree as you will attempt to solve ever-increasing puzzles within a specific block loadout. The game basically kicks you out of having any […]

Red Bull Launches a Limited Edition Ninja Branded Can

Red Bull has decided to put their first Twitch celebrity on the side of their product as Tyler "Ninja" Bevins will be on the side of the cans for a limited time. The company decided to surprise him in a fake photo shoot, showing off his face on the can and getting his reaction below. […]

Bandai Namco and Red Bull Partner for Special Pac-Man Promotion

A couple weeks ago we talked about how Red Bull was making special Pac-Man cans, but we couldn't figure out why. Now we know the reason. The two are working on a limited promotion over the holidays where you can get a special download code that will unlock new mazes with a Red Bull theme. […]

Pac-Man Will Appear On Cans of Red Bull Because… Nostalgia?

Today, Red Bull showed off new cans that they'll be rolling out featuring the iconic '80s video game Pac-Man, but no one really knows why. As you can see, the cans will have everything from the board to the ghosts to Pac-man himself running around the design, but that's about it. There's no contest, no […]

Red Bull Challenge Mode Will Take Place During PAX West 2018

Red Bull is going to give anyone the chance to prove they're one of the best indie gamers around at PAX West with the Red Bull Challenge Mode. There will be three games on hand for people to try their skills at including StudioMDHR's Cuphead, Boneloaf and Double Fine Productions' Gang Beasts, and Giant Enemy Crab and […]

Red Bull Launches First L.A. Killer Queen Tournament Called Hive Hustle

Do you and your friends think you're the best of the best who ever played Killer Queen in the arcade? Well, Red Bull is giving you a chance to prove it. The company will be throwing a tournament for the game called Hive Hustle, their first taking place in Los Angeles on September 15th. The tournament […]

Red Bull All-Stars Launch Inaugural League of Legends Tournament

Red Bull and Super League Gaming have come together to form a brand new League Of Legends tournament with Red Bull All-Stars. The companies made the announcement yesterday declaring they were making "an elite showcase for the top competitors from Super League's third season of the League of Legends City Champs tournament." The event will […]

'Street Fighter V' Content Is Being Given Away In Red Bull

Do you feel like paying for Street Fighter V DLC is too straightforward? No worries, Red Bull is offering up the chance to randomly win costumes in exchange for buying their drinks. In all seriousness, the energy drink maker is celebrating the game's 30th Anniversary with a chance to win some free DLC content starting this […]


The Red Bull 'Hearthstone' College Clash Qualifiers Continue This Summer

The Red Bull Team Brawl: Hearthstone College Clash qualifiers continue this summer! The next two open qualifiers take place later this month, on July 22 and 23, and registration is now open for each tournament. Registration will remain open up to 36 hours before each event for any students currently enrolled or who will be […]

Red Bull Is Throwing A 'Hearthstone' Tournament This Weekend

Probably one of the weirdest headlines to write this week, the energy drink company Red Bull will be hosting another season of Hearthstone tournaments in 2017, with the first one starting this weekend and will be aired live on Twitch. For this particular event, teams will be set up three-on-three, and teammates can assist their […]

Project Cars 2 Wants You To Experience Rallycross Like A Pro

  Bandai Namco and Slightly Mad Studios' Project Cars 2 will allow you to experience the joy that is rallycross when the game hits later this year. If you have no idea what rallycross is, these latest screenshots and a new trailer come with a bit of a crash course for you. "Rallycross, one of […]

Mindgamers – Terra Mater Films New Trailer And Game

So, Red Bull has a movie division called Terra Mater Films and a new film called Mindgamers and a gaming tournament called Mission Unlock Enoch that all ties together with the film. The movie stars Sam Neill (Jurassic Park), Tom Payne (The Walking Dead) and Melia Kreiling (Tyrant) and tells the tale of a group […]