Lauren Looks Back: Sounds Of Terror! For Halloween

Up until this past weekend, I had no idea this even existed. My boyfriend owns a copy though, and when I saw it I regretfully informed him that it was no longer his. The record is absolutely perfect for Halloween. Other than the Monster Mash cover, the rest of the tracks are hellishly creepy. Seriously, […]

$90,000 Record Sale For First Appearance Of The Black Panther, Fantastic Four #52

So there's this film coming out. Captain America: Civil War. Which features the first appearance of The Black Panther character in the movie as played by Chadwick Boseman. Created in 1966 by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee for the Fantastic Four comic, Black Panther was Marvel's first black superhero – and the second to have his own title. […]

The Look Of The Alan Moore And Tim Perkins Black Dossier Vinyl Record

So I picked up the League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The Black Dossier in its reissued version from Gosh Comics today (they are having a Fatale signing and launch with Sean Phillips, as well as an exhibition of his original art) and indeed it comes with a vinyl single record, recorded by Alan Moore and Tim […]

League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century: 2009 Out In… A Week!

It's due to be published in early July in the US. And late June in the UK. But I understand that the publication date of the final chapter of League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century, the volume set in 2009 has been moved forward. Instead, it will be published in just a week's time instead, in […]