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"Zombie Army Trilogy" Will Come To Nintendo Switch In 2020

"Zombie Army Trilogy" Will Come To Nintendo Switch In 2020

Rebellion Developments announced this week that the Nintendo Switch will be getting, as a complete set, the Zombie Army Trilogy. This will be every game in the series so far, complete with DLC and all the add-ons. Ready for a 2-4 player co-op as you take down Hitler's undead forces during a fictional WWII setting. […]

"Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate Edition" Is Headed to Nintendo Switch

"Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate Edition" Is Headed to Nintendo Switch

Rebellion Developments announced today that they would be bringing Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate Edition to the Nintendo Switch this October. The game will be going up for pre-order on September 17th and officially hit the eShop on October 1st. The game will include all of the previous content for the game, including DLC, along with […]

Rebellion Threw Us Into "Zombie Army 4: Dead War" At E3 2019

Epic Games Store Paid A Lot To Make "Zombie Army 4" Exclusive

Everybody's got a price, and apparently, Epic Games was able to find the amount Rebellion Developments needed to make Zombie Army 4: Dead War exclusive. Previous to last week, the developers said they would need a good reason to make the PC version an exclusive to the Epic Games Store. Well, money is a really […]

Sniper Elite V2 Remastered Receives a Launch Trailer

Rebellion Developments have released a new launch trailer for Sniper Elite V2 Remastered before the game comes out on multiple platforms this week. This version of the game plays absolutely nothing like the game it was based on as you're getting about as good of a top-to-bottom fix as you will ever see a game […]

Rebellion Developments Acquires TickTock Games

Yet another company has been purchased by Rebellion Developments as TickTick Games was acquired by the company this week and will be rebranded. If you're not familiar with Rebellion Developments, they're the team behind Strange Brigade, and they had actually acquired Radiant Worlds around this same time last year as they officially got rebranded as Rebellion Warwick. The […]

Strange Brigade Receives Part 3 of The Thrice Damned DLC

This week, Rebellion Developments released the last piece of The Thrice Damned DLC for Strange Brigade, bringing this adventure to a conclusion. The DLC includes a new campaign mission at the Great Pyramid of Bes, a character expansion pack in the Maharani Huntress and a new character in Anjali Khan, and two new Score Attack levels and a […]

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Strange Brigade Receives an Extended Gameplay Trailer

Ever since we got a taste of Strange Brigade back at E3 2017, we've been patiently waiting for this adventure title to come out. We're going to be getting our chance soon as the game will finally be coming out near the end of this month — but before that happens, Rebellion Developments have decided to […]

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Before Going to E3, Strange Brigade Receives a New Trailer

The first time we saw Strange Brigade was at E3 2017 as it was a secret project being kept quiet under NDA's from Rebellion Developments. This time around, the game is one of the highlighted upcoming titles of 2018, as we are looking to get a full build demo of the game on the showroom floor. […]

Rebellion Says Some 2000AD Games Will Likely Be Announced Next Year

Back in February, we revealed that longtime holder of the 2000AD games licence Rebellion would be opening up the IP, allowing other game studios to come in and pitch for the franchise. This was done so the studio could focus on other projects, but not leave the property swinging in the wind when it comes to […]

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'Strange Brigade' Is The Mystery E3 Title From Rebellion

Rebellion Developments is another company that basically had a mystery room during E3 this week, which turned out to be Strange Brigade. The game is a third-person adventure/shooter where you serve as part of a crew of treasure hunters in lands still filled with mythical creatures and wondrous bounty to be claimed. You get to choose from […]