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See Real Steel Early And On Us

Shawn Levy's Real Steel is, I think, the best robot movie out of Hollywood in a long, long time – and who doesn't like to get a fix of cold metal and motor parts every now and then? Not many will say no to a nice bit of Hugh Jackman either. Disney have kindly given […]

Shawn Levy Reveals Some Ideas For A Real Steel Sequel

Tonight saw the London premiere of Shawn Levy's Real Steel, the 'droid boxing picture with Hugh Jackman, Evangeline Lily and some show-stopper brawling bots. I liked the film a good deal, and will go into why a little closer to its release. Here to speak to the press are Levy, star Jackman and producers Jack […]

Shawn Levy Considering Max Landis' Circus-Set Spin On Frankenstein

Not many detals are known so far of the new, Max Landis-scripted take on Frankenstein, and apparently, some of what we thought we knew is wrong. At the tale end of last week, I ran a breakdown of characters supposedly in the film, sourced from Shock. Landis then got in touch to say that, actually, […]

Big Screen Panel For Real Steel – Shawn Levy Talks, Footage Screened

Shawn Levy says that he can't think of a live action film with robots that is humanist in the way that Wall-E or The Iron Giant is, and thisinspired Real Steel. Okay, fair enough – not everyone can have seen Silent Running, or anything with C3-PO or R2-D2. The first footage screened tonight was a […]

Atom The Boxing Robot From Real Steel Is Lurking At Big Screen

I may or may not have seen Real Steel. I may or may not have a preview piece for you next week. This morning, I bumped into Atom the boxing robot and the third-billed star of the movie – behind Hugh Jackman and the little kid. Should I feel bad because I don't remember the […]

Jab! Jab! The Japanese Trailer For Real Steel Is Looking Good

I love Hugh Jackman, can get with the conventions of having a young kid in a boxing film, and think the robot FX are looking suitably crunchy. I'm hoping that Real Steel lives up to its potential. This Japanese trailer certainly shows some solid new material. [youtube][/youtube] Real Steel is one of the films being […]

Real Steel Poster Sticks To The Popular "Show Rocky From Behind" Thing

These "international" posters that aren't designed to fit quad frames confuse me. Are they designed only for online use? Not much of a poster, in that case. Anyhow. Today, along comes this "poster" for Real Steel. It's the big robot boxing picture with Hugh Jackman and, frankly, I'm looking forward to it. Gotta love Jackman. […]

New Second Trailer For Real Steel Goes For The Full Rock'Em Sock'Em

I saw this trailer for Real Steal before Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides last night. The room seemed to quite like it, and I thought it was pretty attractive too. Shiny and bright. A real Hollywood crowd pleaser, by the looks of things. Stories about boxing seem to have a long history of […]

First Trailer For Real Steel – Hugh Jackman And His Boxing Robots

With a few echoes of Terry Gilliam's Scorpion Football, here's the first trailer for Real Steel. It's selling the robot boxing angle all the way and not any of The Champ styled father and son stuff, but I can understand why. To those all important 18-25s, this could be the Rock 'Em, Sock 'Em movie […]