Razer Unveils New Arctech Smartphone Cases For Gamers

Razer Unveils New Arctech Smartphone Cases For Gamers

Shortly after the new iPhone reveals today from Apple, Razer unveiled their own line new Arctech smartphone cases for both Razer and Apple lines. Each of these cases, aside from being designed in the company color lines, come with Thermaphene. Which is a thermally-conductive material designed to make your phone cool down while playing games […]

Viva Las Razer: Check Out The New Razer Store In Las Vegas

Viva Las Razer: Check Out The New Razer Store In Las Vegas

We had a fun opportunity pop up this weekend as we were able to fly down to Las Vegas and check out the new Razer Store opening along the strip. The location is between The Flamingo and The Linq, down the avenue of businesses run by Caesars where you can shop and get a bite […]

Razer Launches Their Biggest Store In Las Vegas

Razer Launches Their Biggest Store In Las Vegas, Nevada

Razer has announced the grand opening for their biggest storefront to date as RazerStore Las Vegas will open on Saturday, September 7th. The location is right on the strip at The LINQ Promenade, as the space will feature all the latest Razer gear available to test and purchase immediately. To celebrate, they’ll be throwing a […]

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Razer Shows Off Their New Esports Mouse: Razer Viper

This week, Razer shows off a brand new gaming mouse designed specifically for esports pros in mind as we get a look at the Razer Viper. The big points to take away from this gaming mouse is that it has new optical mouse switches for faster reaction times and a 5G optical sensor for less […]

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Review: Razer’s Respawn Mental Performance Drink

It’s a wonder what can be born out of a joke these days, as Razer has decided to capitalize on an old April Fool’s Day joke and released a real Razer Respawn. The concept was a prank in 2010 where the company had made its own energy drink for gamers, a nod to the fad […]

Razer Cuts Ties To Brazilian Streamer Over Twitter Comments

Razer Cuts Ties With Gabriela Cattuzzo Over Twitter Comments

Apparently, responding to sexual harassment on Twitter can cost you a sponsorship, as Gabriela Cattuzzo is finding out this week with Razer. Kotaku reported earlier this week that the Brazilian Twitch streamer had lost her sponsorship with the company after responding to a tweet in about the only way it should have been responded to. […]

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Razer Unveils Respawn Performance Drink Mix at E3

Razer revealed they have a brand new performance drink that they’ve brought to E3 called Respawn. And this time the product isn’t a joke. You may recall a few years ago this same drink was an April Fool’s joke the company played online, but since then it’s actually gotten some response from people who would […]

Razer Announces the Kraken X Ultra-Light Gaming Headset

Razer Announces the Kraken X Ultra-Light Gaming Headset

Today Razer announced they have released a brand new Kraken X Ultra-Light Gaming Headset, available today on their website and in stores sometime in Q2. The set features a new redesign that slims down the  Kraken to an extremely light-weight of just 250 grams (0.55 lbs),m along with soft memory foam ear cushions, glasses-friendly eyewear […]

Razer Announces Their 2019 Razer Mercury Collection

Razer Announces Their 2019 Mercury Collection at Computex

Razer unveiled a brand new set of gaming peripherals while at Computex in Taipei this week with the 2019 Mercury Collection. This is basically a sleek white collection of gaming gear for people who want to change out their look from the standard black that the company usually decorates their gear in. As you can […]

Razer Is Putting An End To The Ouya In June

Razer Is Putting An End To The Ouya In June

We knew it would eventually happen one day, and that day has come as Razer announced it would be ending the Ouya in June. The shorthand version is that it just didn’t do that well, so the company is cutting their losses and putting an end to everything on June 25th, 2019. All accounts will […]

New Call Of Duty Esports League Confirms Five Cities to Start Teams

Razer Unveils New Star Wars Stormtrooper Peripherals

Razer is about to make a lot of Star Wars fans happy today as the company has unveiled a new line of Stormtrooper peripherals for your PC setup. The three items in question are a BlackWidow Lite Keyboard, an Atheris Wireless Mouse, and Goliathus Extended Gaming Mouse Mat, all of which have been decked out […]

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Razer Announces the Hammerhead Duo Earbuds for Mobile Gaming

This week, Razer unveiled their brand new Hammerhead Duo in-ear headset featuring dual driver technology focused more on mobile gaming. The dual driver tech is in reference to the two audio drivers within the headset that are working together to bring a much more vibrant sound than your standard earbuds would. The company has made […]

Razer Releases Some Familiar Items Designed for “Value-Conscious Gamers”

Razer has released a brand new line of products that might look a little familiar to you but have a new design and a new purpose altogether. The company has released new versions of the BlackWidow keyboard, Kraken gaming headset, and the Basilisk Essential gaming mouse, all with new designs as well as new prices […]

Razer Reveals New Xbox One Games Compatible With the Turret

Clear back at XO18, Razer revealed a set of games that would be compatible with their mouse and keyboard combo, the Razer Turret. This week during CES 2019, another list of games were revealed by the company, and there are some surprising names added to the list along with some that are no-brainers. You can […]

Razer Reveals the Razer Raptor Gaming Monitor Ahead of CES 2019

Before we dive into CES 2019 this week, we’re starting to see some new tech come our way. The latest being from Razer with the Razer Raptor. We have the finer specs for you below, but the shorthand is that this will be Razer’s first 27″ gaming monitor, which will have one HDMI, one USB-C […]

Review: Razer’s Blackwidow Elite Gaming Keyboard

One of the cool products we got to test out clear back at PAX West with Razer was their new gaming keyboard, the Blackwidow Elite. A lot of the Razer keyboards to come our way perform well, but they also provide different types of gaming experiences depending on what you’re looking for. So what does the […]

Review: Razer Mamba Wireless Gaming Mouse

One of the cool items we saw in the fall that we really wanted to try out was the Mamba Wireless gaming mouse from Razer. At the time, it felt like a regular mouse we had tried a dozen times over, but there was something special about this one that we couldn’t put our finger […]

Razer and Williams Esports Come Together for New Partnership

This week, Williams Esports came together with Razer to form a new partnership, specifically working with the Williams Formula 1 team. Like a lot of esports partnerships, Razer is providing the team with some essential gear to both train and show off at events, specifically working with their latest high-end Blade laptops. Not to mention future […]

Razer Unveils Their PS4 Panthera Evo Arcade Fight Stick

This week, Razer unveiled a brand new arcade stick as they’ve created a successor to the Panthera with the Panthera Evo. The company basically went out of their way to work with esports pros and other professional players and competitors to get as much feedback as possible in creating this new version of the stick. […]

The Razer Phone Users Will Have Exclusive Armajet Content

At Razer’s “Flagship // Gaming” event in Hollywood last night, the tech company and Armajet developer Super Bit Machine announced a partnership for Razer phone owners to get exclusive in-game content. Players who launch Armajet through the Razer Cortex mobile app will receive an exclusive Razer item in the game.  In conjunction with the Raiju Mobile controller […]