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Chapterhouse February 2018

Chapterhouse February 2018 Solicits: First Die Kitty Die Collection, Plus More Captain Canuck

Die Kitty Die by Dan Parent and Fernando Ruiz is being collected for the first time in trade. Plus, another volume of Captain Canuck by Kalman Andrasofszky and Leonard Kirk, Van Jensen‘s Fallen Suns gets its first collected volume, and issues for Andrew Wheeler‘s Freelance and Ray Fawkes‘s Fantomah. All of this is from Chapterhouse Entertainment in February of 2018. CAPTAIN CANUCK TP VOL 03 HARBINGER (C: 0-0-1) (W) Kalman Andrasofszky (A) […]

Writer’s Commentary – Ray Fawkes On The Sovereigns #5

Dynamite has sent us a new writer’s commentary from Ray Fawkes as he talks about The Sovereigns #5. We’ve also got a batch of covers from Stephen Segovia, Johnny Desjardins, Fred Hembeck, and Kenan Yarar, Interiors by Desjardins. This is it! All your questions will be answered, all the mysteries revealed! What has obliterated humanity? What […]

The Sovereigns

Writer’s Commentary – Ray Fawkes Talks The Sovereigns #4

We’ve got a second writer’s commentary today from Dynamite. This one by Ray Fawkes for The Sovereigns #4 which is now on sale. We’ve got a cover by Stephen Segovia with interiors by Johnny Desjardins. Because you demanded it! Tragg and Lorn return, but not even slightly in the place they’re supposed to be! Samson’s perilous journey across […]

The Sovereigns

Writer’s Commentary – Ray Fawkes Talks The Sovereigns #3

Dynamite has sent us a new writer’s commentary from Ray Fawkes where he talks about The Sovereigns #3 with a cover by Stephen Segovia and interiors by Johnny Desjardins. The last days of the heroic age have arrived, threatening not just the existence of Earth’s protectors but humankind itself. As chaos envelops the world, Magnus discovers how […]

Writer’s Commentary – Ray Fawkes Talks The Sovereigns #1

Straight from Dynamite, here’s the writer’s commentary for The Sovereigns #1 by Ray Fawkes. Doing covers and interiors for the book is Johnny Desjardins. The series takes the classic Gold Key characters of Magnus — Robot Fighter, Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, and Doctor Spektor — and gives them a new spin. Pages 1-3: This is our first […]

Turning The Gold Keys – Ray Fawkes Talks Developing The Sovereigns

Dynamite’s latest incarnation of the classic Gold Key characters is called The Sovereigns and features Turok, Magnus, Doctor Spektor, Solar and Samson. I previously talked with Ray Fawkes about the zero issue of the series, now we take a look at the number one issue and going deeper into the characters. Cover art by Stephen […]

Ray Fawkes On The Sovereigns And The Mighty Samson

Dynamite’s latest incarnation of the classic Gold Key characters is a new series called The Sovereigns. The project is being written by Ray Fawkes, Chuck Wendig, Aubrey Sitterson and Kyle Higgins with the #0 issue debuting April 5th. I got to talk with Fawkes about the new project, bringing the Mighty Samson to the forefront […]

Ch-Ch-Changes: Aftershock’s Jackpot #5 Will Now Be Released In April

Jackpot, the Aftershock comic by writer Ray Fawkes, artists Marco Failla (issues #1-3) and Georges Duarte (issue #4), colorists Stefani Renee, and featuring covers by Brian Stelfreeze, is one of the company’s finest offerings, but fans may have been a little dismayed due to its somewhat sporadic release schedule. The first issue came out back […]

Ray Fawkes Talks Taking Over Robin: Son Of Batman

Ray Fawkes has taken over the wheel of Robin: Son of Batman and Tiffany Smith of DC All-Access talks to him about the direction of the new series. Fawkes sees the first few issues as pivotal in Damian Wayne’s career and life as everyone has plans for the young man while he must survive and […]

Ray Fawkes And Vince Locke Explore The Ultimate Life-Hack In Junction True

Top Shelf Productions is proud to announce Junction True: a new graphic novel by Ray Fawkes (One Soul, Constantine) and Vince Locke (A History of Violence, Deadworld). The story follows journalist Naoko, whose friend Dirk has always been experimental, but this time, he’s gone too far. He’ll do anything to prove his devotion to the […]

Gurgazon The Unclean Rampages In Ray Fawkes’ Possessions: Book Four

By Cameron Hatheway The apocalypse is upon us, for everyone’s favorite Pit Demon Gurgazon the Unclean and her ghostly possessed friends have finally broken free of the wretched Llewellyn-Vane House and the clutches of the extremely keen-eyed “butler” Mr. Thorne. Next thing on the docket: destroy the world and bring forth total annihilation! After a […]

Preview Of Gotham By Midnight #3 By Fawkes And Templesmith

Okay, I’ll admit it… I love seeing Ben Templesmith’s art on a DC Batman title. Ben brings such an amazing mood to his work that I think goes so well with the darker side of the Dark Knight. The third issue of Gotham By Midnight comes out tomorrow and here are some preview pages for […]

Gotham By Midnight – A Festivus For The Rest Of Us

From the title, some may deduce what I’m about to say here about the glorious arrival of Gotham by Midnight. Recently, at the Gotham panel at Thought Bubble in the UK, the creative teams behind Gotham Academy, Batgirl, and Batman talked about the “studio feel” of this new corner of the Gotham universe, including Gotham […]