Thirteen Essential Holiday Gift Comics in 2013

Spencer Ellsworth writes: Did 2013 leave you dizzy? Did you buy it all, but you’re trying to choose the perfect comic for your list? Here are some of the best collections and graphic novels of 2013. Don’t worry, we checked it twice. The Fifth Beatle – Dark Horse, November A fantastic oversized graphic novel that […]

“The World We Live In Now In Comics Is The World We Were Hoping For” – Jeff Smith, Paul Pope, Faith Erin Hicks on Sci-Fi at The Brooklyn Book Festival

The Brooklyn Book Festival brings out all kinds of litterati, but comics have been taking their place at signings and panels there for several years with increasing attendance and clamor. This year, at the “The Future: Big New Books in Comics Sci-Fi” panel, hosted by Publishers Weekly’s Calvin Reid, Jeff Smith (Bone, RASL), Paul Pope (Battling […]

Glorious SPX: More Details Emerge about Jeff Smith’s New Webcomic

 Our Washington DC Correspondent David Dissanayake writes; This weekend at SPX’s Jeff Smith spotlight panel, the man of the hour gave a little more detail about his forthcoming webcomic series Tüki Save the Humans. The new webcomic from the creator of Bone and RASL will center on the first homo erectus to migrate away from […]

Big Books Monday – Peter Pan, Rasl, Spumco And A Futurama Pizza

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tqhCH474Wok[/youtube] I hope my mum doesn’t see this. She’ll get angry about my lack of hairbrush this morning. Anyway, three big books to look at and talk about. First up is Peter Pan by Regis Losiel, created over fourteen years and completed almost a decade ago, finally translated into English and published by Soaring Penguin […]

Eleven Thoughts About Eleven Comics – Hawkeye, Daredevil, Harvest, Thief Of Thieves, Muppets, Rasl, First X-Men, Alpha Girl, Epic Kill, Mind The Gap and Think Tank

The first issue of Hawkeye will be compared, repeatedly, to Frank Miller’s Daredevil and Miller and Mazzuchelli’s Batman. We have a costumeless Hawkeye, not trying to save the world, not trying to stop a supervillain, but trying to sort out the rent agreements of his friends. It’s a world where money cannot solve all problems, […]

Rasl, Glamourpuss And Rachel Rising – The New, Old Black And White Indie Boom

This is totally a nineties revival. Three books out this week, one by Dave Sim, one by Jeff Smith, one by Terry Moore, all huge figures of the self publishing business for decades, and all back to putting out regular black-and-white work, away from their earlier, more famous work. First up, the interdimensional action romp […]

Sixteen Thoughts About Sixteen Of Today’s Comics – Superman, No Place Like Home, All Star Western, Wolverine And The X-Men, Teen Titans, Sixth Gun, Rasl, Justice League Dark, Flash, Dark Knight, Mondo, Prophet, Mighty Thor, Aquaman, I Vampire And Fantastic Four

Let me give them a plug at the top for a change. Today’s comics, as ever, come courtesy of Orbital Comics of London. And here are sixteen thoughts about sixteen comics published today. There may be some spoilers but I’ll attempt to avoid the big ones. Remember that issue of Uncanny X-Men from wayback where […]

HeroesCon – The Bits Most People Missed

There’s been lots of coverage about HeroesCon and WizardWorld Philadelphia this weekend. But here are a few observations about the former that seem not to have been picked up upon that much… George Perez –  he is mulling over upcoming two projects, but will probably only accept one. For now his long awaited “Teen Titans: […]