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Marvel Two-in-One #7 cover by Nick Bradshaw

Marvel Two-in-One #7 Review: Strong Story, Weak Art

The Thing, Human Torch, Victor von Doom, and Rachna land on a world torn apart by the Civil War between Captain America and Iron Man. Here, they continue their search for Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Franklin, and Valeria. Instead, they encounter the new power on this world, the Spider and Doctor Strange. They capture the […]

'Generations: Spider-Man' #1 Review: Genuine, But Some Worrying Undertones

As the Vanishing Point claims Miles Morales, the Ultimate Spider-Man, he finds himself in the college of Peter Parker, the Amazing Spider-Man, in his younger days of yore. He continuously runs into Parker, eventually following him home and discovering the crisis that Peter Parker is currently going through: Aunt May is sick, and Peter is […]

Are Marvel's Comics Suffering From Premature Cancellation?

Yesterday, Bleeding Cool ran the news that yet another young series from Marvel is getting the chop, this time the current run of Nova, featuring both iterations of the character, by Jeff Loveness and Ramon Pérez with Ian Herring. Hot off the heels of the cancellation of Star-Lord, by Chip Zdarsky, Kris Anka and Matt Wilson, […]

Are Mentor Bonds the New Trend for Great Comics?

There seems to be a bit of a trend at the Big Two which is leading to two great runs on series', and, whilst still early days for the Marvel offering, the one for DC is regularly the best comic that they are regularly putting out. I am of course talking Mentor Bonding. If you'd […]

A Tale Of Two Novas – Catching Up With The Nova Corps

Marvel has announced a new Nova series featuring both incarnations of the character. Here is a quick primer for anyone not familiar with the characters. I was six years old when the first issue of Nova came out. It was written by Marv Wolfman and drawn by John Buscema and was the first new character […]

Francis Manapul And RAID Studios Focus Of New Documentary

AT&T U-Verse has put together a documentary directed by Christopher Kasick focusing on the artists of Toronto's R.A.I.D. Studio. The 30 minute documentary shows how the group of Francis Manapul, Ramon Perez, Marcus To and Kalman Andrasofszky support each other through the long hours with camaraderie and competition. Comic Book Artist: Next Generation can be seen […]

Six Shots From Six Gun Gorilla

Alasdair Stuart writes for Bleeding Cool; Six Gun Gorilla, out this week from Boom!, sounds like the sort of book that will trade off the pure pulpy joy of its title. That joy is certainly there, but this is a Si Spurrier book so it's got a lot more going on besides 'Look! A gorilla […]

Jim Henson's Tale Of Sand – A Beautiful-Sad Image, And Exclusive Release Details

The last complete, unproduced work by Jim Henson was a screenplay for a feature film, co-written by his regular collaborator, Jerry Juhl. A Tale of Sand was written as a kind of existential chase movie, full of unexpected surprises, surreal set pieces and witty thought-provocations. Archaia have been working for some time to transform this […]

20 Page Preview: Jim Henson's Tale Of Sand

Archaia have released a preview of Tale of Sand, an original graphic novel adaptation by Ramón Perez of an unproduced screenplay by Jim Henson and Jerry Juhl. A Tale of Sand follows scruffy everyman Mac, who wakes up in an unfamiliar town, and is chased across the desert of the American Southwest by all manners […]

SCOOP: First Look At Jim Henson's A Tale Of Sand

Rich is at C2E2. I'm not. There's an imbalance of power in the force. But we're managing some kind of synergy. For example, I said to Rich to get me any kind of image or news on Archaia's Jim Henson comic, A Tale of Sand, that he could… and then, just a few short minutes […]