'The Only Normal People Are White People' – Talking Wally West, Miles Morales, Nick Fury And Johnny Storm On London TV

From London Community TV channel London 360, Bobby Joseph, creator on comics such as Skank Magazine and Black Eye talking with fellow comic creators about racial diversity in comic books, both in character and creator, as well as the casting of the Fantastic Four movie and Flash TV show. [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E42qMTzNB_4[/youtube] Joseph wrote the recent Why The […]

Gendercrunching June 2012 – And A Little Ethnocrunching Too

Tim Hanley writes; Marvel was back on top in June as both companies had notable swings overall, Marvel for better and DC for worse. We also mix it up, and potentially court controversy, by looking at stats by nationality and ethnicity. DC COMICS I don't know if Alan Moore has cursed DC because Before Watchmen […]

Exclusive: Archie Comics Gay Wedding Cover

This is the new cover to the upcoming Life With Archie #16, the comic which envisions possible futures for Archie characters. And this upcoming issue features the gay inter racial wedding of soldier Kevin Keller and his intended. On the cover. Of an Archie comic. All you folks who have been waiting for the future […]

IGN Calls Star Of Batwing #1 "African-American"…

They're not alone. I once heard of an American newsreader who described Nelson Mandela as "African American". But in announcing the story DC gave them about Batwing #1, from Judd Winick and Ben Oliver, IGN made the classic slip up; "Batwing #1, starring the first ever African-American character to don the mantle as the Batman […]

And Now Some Hilarious Thor Commentary About Race

So there was some fuss about Idris Elba being cast as Heimdall in Thor, over the colour of his skin. Now I didn't see the problem with this, per se, and seeing the film I thought Idris totally stole the show as a morally pure, considered, dutiful rock forced to challenge his own preconceptions. But […]


From the Flashpoint preview in the Green Lantern Free Comic Book Day issue, available from Saturday but printed weeks previously. And from the USA Today preview published and printed today; Check the figure at the far right. At the weekend DCWomenKickingAss asked if that was meant to be the mixed race Legionnaire character XS with […]

I Am Invincible (Black)

This is the new look for Invincible by Robert Kirkman and Ryan Ottley, coming next year. With a new character, seemingly, in the blue and gold.

Racebending With The X-Men

Seen by a Little Bleeder holidaying in Vietnam, who noticed that they have a line of men's skin care products named after the X-Men, using the movie logo. Including the ever-present skin whitening creams. I wonder what Bishop would think of this?

No More Mutants #6 by Andrew Wheeler – Black Label

Andrew Wheeler writes for Bleeding Cool; Spot the odd one out in this list: Black Goliath (1975). Black Racer (1971). Black Widow (1964). Black Lightning (1977). Power Man (1972). The answer I'm looking for is, of course, Black Widow. She's not black at all! Like Black Canary, Black Widow predates the 70s trend for using […]

Frozen In Time – James Hodson's Race

In a world where we're getting used to late, rescheduled and delayed comics, Melby Comics is fighting a race against time. Creator James Hodson is suffering from scleroderma , a disease that is hardening his skin and his joints. His hand now frozen in a pen-holding position, Hodson doesn't know how long he has left […]