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Robocop Is Coming Home with Us Dead or Alive from NECA

Robocop Is Coming Home With Us Dead Or Alive From NECA

Robocop is one of those cult classic iconic movies. He is on par with the Terminator and Judge Dredd. All three have significance in the 80s and a major impact on science fiction films. Hiya Toys bring us back to 1990 with our RoboCop 2 RoboCop figure. He does come with two accessories one being a hand with the data probe […]

The Predators Are on the Hunt with New Figures from Hiya Toys

The Predators Are On The Hunt With New Figures From Hiya Toys

Predator, the original film has always been a movie that has intrigued me. I’m curious if back in the day I knew they were going to watch an alien movie and not a war movie. The storytelling of an alien visitor hunting humans isn’t a new concept but that film really made an impact on […]

Two New Predators Join The Hunt From Hiya Toys

Two New Predators Join The Hunt From Hiya Toys

Predators are one of the most iconic aliens brought to us by pop culture. His on screen debut in 1987 going against Arnold Schwarzenegger was a thrill. The status quo of these hunters changed in Predator 2, by showing there was more then one and then in 2010 the film Predators showcased a whole new variety of […]