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Marvel Puts the Cosmic Ghost Rider in Chains For New Revenge Comic

Today, Marvel released its special edition of THE PULL LIST, unveiling exclusive information for titles coming to comic shops this December… catch the rest of them here. including another Cosmic Ghost Rider series that sees as the Future Frank Castle gets jailed big time.   REVENGE OF THE COSMIC GHOST RIDER #1 (OF 5) Written […]

League of Comic Geeks Launches Competing Pull List Service Ahead of Diamond’s Pullbox Launch

Comic book publishing is a tricky business. Thanks to decades of short-sighted business strategies with little innovation, retailers and publishers must rely heavily on getting readers to preorder books months in advance to stay afloat. Without preorders and pull lists, retailers play a dangerous guessing game when ordering comics. Since comics aren’t generally returnable if […]

ComiXology Retires The Pull List On iOS Devices

It’s how ComiXology began. A free service to fans to let them create pull lists of comics to give their retailer, so as not to miss out on that week’s most in-demand titles. And, of course, creating a database to sell digital comic books directly to, at a later date. But the pull list has […]