CM Punk Will Appear at Starrcast, All But Confirming AEW All Out Involvement

CM Punk will officially appear at Starrcast 3, the wrestling convention happening in Chicago on August 31, the weekend of All Out. Starrcast advertised Punk’s appearance in a video posted to their Twitter page Thursday, for which they even apparently obtained the rights to us Living Colour’s Cult of Personality. Get To STARRCAST 8/31https://t.co/VShyAsTu00 pic.twitter.com/a02NJdqWNV […]

Report: Schrodinger’s Dean Ambrose to Both Leave and Stay in WWE at the Same Time

Back in January, rumors surfaced on pro wrestling dirt sheets claiming that WWE superstar Dean Ambrose would leave the company after his contract ends in April. Shortly afterward, WWE confirmed Ambrose’s departure, leading many to speculate whether or not the whole thing is work, like Roman Reigns‘ Leukemia. Confusion continued as Ambrose was seen to […]

Black Panther

Oscars Shocker: CIA Reveals Vibranium from Black Panther Isn’t Real

On Sunday, Black Panther was robbed of the Academy Award for Best Picture. But while the shocking loss may have been a blow to fans of the 2018 blockbuster, what came next was truly stunning. The official Twitter account of the Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.) chose this moment to strike, revealing that Vibranium, the super-powered […]

Dan McDaid to Save Delay-Plagued Doom Patrol, Will Draw Long-Awaited Final Issue

Very few people remember this, but way back in the day, in the year 2016, emo rocker Gerard Way and comic book artist Nick Derington published a Doom Patrol at DC Comics, the crown jewel of a 1990s Vertigo nostalgia-fueled publishing line curated by Way called Young Animal. Sadly, Way’s curatorial skills were soon called […]

Marvel’s Fantastic Four Relaunch by the Numbers

After a long period of neglect at the orders of Marvel Chairman and Donald Trump advisor Ike Perlmutter, the Fantastic Four is finally returning to Marvel Comics with a new series launching this August by Dan Slott and Sara Pichelli. The first issue comes out on August 8th, on the 57th anniversary of the release […]

Now Shoe Company Clarks Confuses Children for Superheroes

Okay, things are starting to get out of control. Back in April, we told you about bag conglomerate Ziploc’s new campaign to recognize teachers as “superheroes.” Now, shoe company Clarks has gotten in on the action, attempting to make the case that children are actually superheroes, which somehow connects to a line of licensed sneakers […]

Saltire: Legend Eternal

Scotland’s Best Superhero Returns in Saltire: Legend Eternal

Scotland. Where the men are men, and the sheep are nervous. It’s also the home to Saltire, the smash comic book hit from DiamondSteel Comics, which is returning via Kickstarter with a brand-new 170-page standalone graphic novel from the creative team of John Ferguson (Saltire Immortal Guardian) with art by Toni Doya (Back to the Future) […]

Shane McMahon Horribly Injured in Brutal Wrestling Attack

He may be able to survive a helicopter crash unscathed, but WWE Smackdown Live commissioner Shane McMahon is no match for a beatdown from Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. McMahon was injured in an attack by the pair on Tuesday’s episode of Smackdown, according to a report from WWE .com. McMahon entered the ring for […]

goosebumps 2 jack black

Goosebumps 2 Release Date Pushed Back to Dilute Dangerous Levels of Jack Black

Averting a major catastrophe, Sony has smartly pushed back the release date of Goosebumps 2 from September 21st to October 12th, according to a report from Deadline. In addition to it making more sense to release the scary movie in October, the scariest of months, the movie was pushed back because the September 21st release […]

factory titan comics

New Titan Comic, Factory, Depicts a Strangely Familiar Dystopian Wasteland

In addition to a brand-new Fighting American mini-series coming out this March, Titan Comics is launching another book, Factory, by Yacine “Elgo” Elghorri — and this one could have even more relevance in modern times. Described as Mad Max meets Fallout, the solicit reveals that Factory is set in a harsh dystopian wasteland where mutants “slog through the […]

Report: No One At WWE Smackdown Live Staff Meeting Objected To Premeditated Assault

In a shocking revelation that calls into question WWE’s HR policies, Smackdown Live commissioner Shane McMahon revealed during last night’s broadcast that no one in an all-hands staff meeting objected to the proposed idea of going to the arena where WWE Monday Night Raw was taking place on October 23, jumping the barricade, terrorizing Raw […]


Hyperbole: Science Is One Step Closer To Weaponizing Bad Movies For Biological Warfare

As if the world weren’t already on the brink of destruction, scientists have just perfected a way to embed awful movies into the DNA of bacteria, in today’s news that we swear we’re not making up. According to engineering organization IEEE, scientific researchers have developed the technology to embed movie clips in bacterial DNA: “To […]