Hideo Kojima Is Done With Making Horror Games Because He Gets Scared Easily

Hideo Kojima pretty much knocked it out the park with PT. While meant to be a teaser for Silent Hills, which is sadly never coming, many do claim that game to be the scariest of all time. At the very least, most would argue that the game was a brilliantly executed gameplay idea. However, don’t […]

P.T. Refuses To Get Made As Game Inspired By The Title Is Cancelled

Allison Road was meant to pick up the slack when P.T. when cancelled by Konami. It wouldn’t be the Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro  Silent Hills we were promised, but it was inspired by the game and was even picked up by publisher Team 17. It was looking pretty great to boot. Sadly, it seems like […]

Updated: Insane Report Says Microsoft Are Buying Silent Hills To Save It

Look, I’m going to start this story by saying that I don’t believe any of it. But, it’s being picked up by a lot of outlets and it’s a fun bit of speculation, so let’s roll with it for now. RoosterTeeth are claiming to have received reports from a source that Microsoft are going to […]

Report: Del Toro Says Silent Hills Is Not Happening And It Breaks His Heart

We learnt today that the Silent Hills teaser, PT is being pulled from the PlayStation Network. That put the already dodgy future of the game into question even further. It seems that the death knell might have now, finally, rung. According to Twitter user Matt Hackney (via NeoGAF), he was at the San Francisco Film Fest […]

PT Is Getting Pulled From PlayStation Network

Konami have been in a bit of a rough patch of late. The drama that surrounded Hideo Kojima‘s departure is still shrouded in mystery and there have been several instances of the publisher retroactively taking his name off projects he’s worked on. Here is another thing to add to the pile. One of the best […]