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Untapped Potential: Why Pro-Wrestling Biopics Are So Hard to Pull Off [OPINION]

The story of World Wrestling Entertainment’s (WWE) Paige, become a rare exception in the world of professional wrestling that it showed authenticity and achieved what it wanted with hardly any filtering. Lack of Dramatization When you look at another acclaimed film in Darren Aronofsky’s The Wrestler where the protagonist in Randy “The Ram” Robinson (Mickey […]

AAA Lucha Libre Worldwide’s ‘Triplemania XXV’ To Air On Twitch

Today, Twitch announced a new partnership with Mexico’s AAA Lucha Libre Worldwide as their premiere event, Triplemania XXV, will be livestreamed on the social streaming platform. This is a major deal since it is the first time a PPV wrestling event from a promotion outside of the United States will be taking advantage of Twitch’s outreach to send […]

Twitch Makes First Pro-Wrestling Deal With Wrestle Circus

The floodgates are about to open on Twitch for professional wrestling broadcasts as the social networking streaming site just made its first deal with a wrestling organization. Wrestle Circus, a family-owned promotion based out of Austin, Texas, will be presenting their first major event on the service Saturday night. Dive Hard With A Vengeance will be […]

Wrestling Content On YouTube Continues To Be Demonetized

We briefly touched on the topic in yesterday’s post about YouTube’s demonetization problems and the new rules they’ve set up for running ads on their website, but checking around the web today, we’re seeing that there are still groups who are going through issues of receiving income to fuel their jobs. One of those groups: pro-wrestling […]