Probius – From A Robot Probe To A Hero In The Nexus

A new spotlight video from Blizzard showcases the new playable character joining the Nexus. Probius is coming to Heroes of the Storm and where we’ve seen his animated intro and some samples of game play, this new video shows us his abilities in great detail and a bit of his history. Probius is a robot […]

Breakdown Of Probius Game Play And New Mount For Heroes Of The Storm

On Friday we got to see the cute intro video for the new playable character Probius in Blizzard’s MOBA, Heroes of the Storm. The character comes from the company’s military sci-fi strategy game, Starcraft, and it’s rather remarkable how they worked in a lot of what he would do in Starcraft into how he fights […]

Blizzard Adds Some Grade A Cute To Heroes Of The Storm

The newest hero to enter the Nexus comes from Blizzard’s military science fiction strategy game, Starcraft. The company announced that Probius will be a playable character in Heroes of the Storm. Seems the little fella just wants to prove himself, using his ability to summon pylons to use against the enemy. After a run of […]