A Lot More Than Pecs Being Drawn At San Diego Comic-Con

By Joe Glass Last night has an….interesting and colorful event associated with Comic Con International. At the PECS Bar in the Hillcrest area of San Diego, Prism Comics, a group that supports LGBTQ creators and comics, ran a Drink & Draw event at a busy San Diego gay bar. Walking in, the models are the […]

Post NYCC – Prism Comics Presents: Autobio In Queer Comics

By Joe Glass I have to start this piece with an apology: when I sat in on this panel, I found myself suffering complete technical failure. It seems in Room 1A01 it is a complete deadzone for the internet. Whilst the shocking uselessness of the complimentary WiFi provided by ‘LexCorp’ was a common topic of […]

Talking LGBTQ Comics And SDCC With Brian Andersen(UPDATE)

By Joe Glass Earlier this year, Brian Andersen had a very successful Kickstarter for his comic Stripling Warrior, about a gay Mormon superhero, that also got a lot of media attention. Andersen has been making LGBTQ themed and starring comics for some time now, and has also been a major part of the visible gay […]

Stray Bullet Wins Prism Queer Press Grant

Dave Davenport has received the 2015 Prism Comics Queer Press Grant towards the production of his upcoming graphic novel Stray Bullet. Announced at the It’s A Queer, Queer World panel by Prism president Ted Abenheim at Wondercon, the grant is awarded to “assist comics creators in self publishing comics with LGBT characters or themes. Entries are […]

There Were Many Directions For New Directions In LGBTQ Comics At Wondercon

At the “New Directions in LGBTQ Comics” panel at Wondercon bright and relatively early on Sunday morning, the room was entirely full and audience very attentive. Panelists included Tommy Kovac (Wonderland through Disney, Skelebunnies, Stitched from Slave Labor Graphics), Ed Luce (OA Fan Anthology, Cat Dandy) Roger Klorese, Shayna Why (Overshare Party) and Josh Trujillo […]

Can The NSA Give Me Access To My Old Hotmail Emails Please?

I signed up to a Hotmail account in the mid nineties. Years later I signed up to a Gmail account, because it I stopped using my Hotmail account in favour of Google’s service, but I made sure to login every month to keep it going, and to preserve all those old emails. And then one […]

Review: Young Bottoms In Love

Louis Falcetti writes for Bleeding Cool; I have no experience with romance comics. Romance, I’m fairly well acquainted with, although we haven’t been on speaking terms as of late. I love comic books, but they seem to be the genre that I have the least romantic experience with. I enjoy having my heart torn open […]

Iron Man Wins Substance Abuse Award

Last year, the PRISM Awards gave their honour for the best portrayal of substance abuse or mental health issues in a comic book to Cry For Justice: Rise Of Arsenal. Which was basically the equivalent of giving the Best Comic For Kids award to Crossed. This year, the award ceremony honoured a less controversial choice, […]

So How Did Rise Of Arsenal Win That PRISM Award Anyway?

Bleeding Cool was not the only site to express surprise that Justice League Of America: Rise Of Arsenal won a PRISM award for an accurate portrayal of drug use and mental illness. But rather than whinge and whine (okay we did a bit of that), I thought I’d actually ask them “what up?” Larry Deutchman, […]

Gay Comic Con Launches On Sunday

Did they really have to call it Bent-Con? Well, it is Los Angeles I suppose. And it is free. On Sunday, from noon till 7pm (to accommodate all those late Saturday nights) at 4232 Melrose Avenue (next to the Faultline bar) gay and straight comic book fans will be invited to meet gay comic creators. […]