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Superman Has Had Enough in New Prime 1 Studio Statue 

Superman Is Out To Kill Batman In A New Prime 1 Studio Statue 

Superman has been in many iconic roles throughout comics history. One specific role that comes to mind is from Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns. This was published by DC Comics from February to June 1986. This story takes place in a darker DC universe where Superman is almost in the president’s pocket and Batman […]

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Superman Dons His Black Suit for Pricey Prime 1 Studios Statue

Superman portrayed by Henry Cavill was amazing and the way he created a down to Earth portrayal was perfection. Batman V Superman is a very debatable movie, people either love it or they hate it, to me, this movie is in my top superhero films. The complexity and story building is was peak DC, in […]

“Dark Nights: Metal” Statue by Prime 1 Studios Showcases a Joker Dragon

Dark Nights: Metal was one hell of a storyline. At times the story did get quite confusing but it did introduce us to some interested characters. The evil versions of Batman were quite remarkable, from The Red Death to The Batman Who Laughs, we got to see a darker side of our Caped Crusader. Prime […]

Prime 1 Studios Celebrates 10th Anniversary with “Batman: Arkham City” Statue

Prime 1 Studios Celebrates “Batman: Arkham Asylum” 10th Anniversary

Batman has had so many great movies, comics, shows and games over the years. Batman: Arkham City is one of the best games to come out of Rocksteady’s Arkham franchise. Arkham Asylum is known for being the home of some of Gotham’s most dangerous criminals. From the dealing to the Joker, to Mr. Freeze and […]

“Batman: Hush” Statue by Prime 1 Studios Stands Over 2 Feet!

Batman: Hush is a classic and iconic DC storyline. From introducing the villain Hush to exploring the relationship of Bruce and Catwoman and so much more. With the recent DC animation adaptation of the comic, it is no surprise to see a new statue coming soon. Prime 1 Studio is releasing Batman Hush statue that is […]

Aquaman Black Manta Prime 1 Studio Statue 11

Aquaman Baddie Black Manta Gets a Statue From Prime 1 Studio

Aquaman villain Black Manta will invade screens with the film on December 21, and Prime 1 Studios has revealed their statue from the film. The statue is in the 1:3 scale and features Manta perched with a wave crashing behind him and the ruins he is standing on. The statue will feature LED lights and […]

DC Comics Prime 1 Studio Supergirl Statue 2

Supergirl and Streaky Get a New Statue From Prime 1 Studio

Supergirl and her pet cat Streaky are getting a new statue from Prime 1 Studio. This 1:3 scale statue will come in two versions. The regular version will cost $1,049, while the exclusive version will feature a bonus portrait and costs $1,099. Both feature amazing sculpting work, with Kara holding a very content looking Streaky […]

Wonder Woman Gets A New Statue From Prime 1 Studio

Wonder Woman has a new statue on the way from Prime 1 Studios. The New 52 version of Diana will come in two versions- a regular edition for $699 and a $729 limited to 500 pieces that will come with an alternate face portrait, and swappable hands with her holding axes. Both versions are quite […]

Henry Cavill superman Justice League statue

Superman Justice League Statue Coming from Prime 1 Studios

Superman is the latest statue to come from Prime 1 Studios. Two versions will be available: a regular edition that retails for $949 and an exclusive version featuring an alternate portrait for Superman for $999. They are limited to 700 and 350 pieces, respectfully, and will ship this year. ” Well I believe in truth… […]

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You Can Now Preorder Prime 1 Studio’s Insanely Cool Wonder Woman Statue and Bust

Prime 1 Studio is now taking preorders for their ridiculously awesome-looking new Wonder Woman bust and statue from Justice League. Featuring an incredible likeness of star Gal Gadot, you can preorder each separately or together in an Ultimate Edition bundle. They will both ship in 2019. “”People said the Age of Heroes would never come […]

doomsday statue

Doomsday Gets The Ultimate Statue From Prime 1 Studio

Doomsday gets a bad rap. As a life-long Superman fan, I have always appreciated the being who killed Superman. Since that fateful year of 1993, every time the big lug makes an appearance, I get excited. Personally, I feel like he is DC’s Juggernaut. He never stops coming, and that will never not be interesting. […]