mr. robot

"Mr. Robot" Season 4 "Conflict": A Price Gets Paid [SPOILER REVIEW]

Welcome back to another episode of USA Network's Mr. Robot. This week, we finally get the showdown we've been waiting for – er, the "conflict" we've been waiting for: Elliot vs Whiterose – in the form of the Deus group meeting. So grab some leftover pie, get comfy, and let the grudge match begin. Do […]

The Walking Dead Gets A Price Change

Recently, The Walking Dead Volume 1 went out of print, which led to a mini-run on the trade paperback, with people paying slightly more for it. Turns out that's going to be a permanent situation. Not the out-of-printness, but the pricing. Since publication, the book has been priced at $9.99, to encourage people to try […]

What's In Your Wallet? Choices Made At The Cash Register…

Jesse James writes for Bleeding Cool; I started in the comic book world in 1982 (12 years young) and the magic cover price for an issue was .60 cents. Coolness, .60 whole cents for full pages of excitement, thrills and get this, a sweet story line. I listened patiently in line as box holders would […]

Will DC Comics Drop Their UK Print Prices To Match Digital?

In the UK, there's no real thing as a fixed price for an American comic book. Diamond UK sell comics to shops depending on the discount they qualify for and shops price accordingly, but unlike the US where you'll pay cover price plus tax, there's no cover price for the UK. And of course the […]

In Praise Of… The $3.99 Comic

Month by month, Marvel and DC are putting out more and more $3.99 comics instead of the recent common price point, $2.99, despite low inflation and a slight reduction in demand in light of the current economy. Sales of individual titles are sliding. But to be honest, sales have been sliding, in general for quite […]