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Marvel Unlimited Fills Gaps in Excalibur, Power Man, Punisher, and Gambit This January

Marvel Comics has revealed the list of classic comics being added to Marvel Unlimited this month. This time around, there's no new series hitting the binge-reading service, with Marvel instead choosing to fill in some gaps. The first gap getting filled is a chunk of Excalibur issues (#35-41) from 1991 including The Promethium Exchange, a […]

Luke Cage #169 cover by Rahzzah

Luke Cage #169 Review: A Joyous Ass-Kicking Parade

The mine has caved in around Luke Cage and Gonzo Acosta. Thankfully, with Luke holding up half of the cave, he and Gonzo now remember who they are. Meanwhile, Ringmaster is ardently trying to make sure that Luke Cage is dead, as his guards keep telling him. It's a recipe for an ass-kicking, as Luke […]

Luke Cage #168 cover by Rahzzah

Luke Cage #168 Review: Weak Issue in a Great Series

The prison has been built upon an A.I.M toxic waste dump. This is what gave the Ringmaster his increased powers, and he has had the prisoners excavate the materials to maintain his increased abilities. It's also been killing the prisoners, and Luke Cage is now working them along with his friend, Acosta. I have to […]

Luke Cage #167 cover by Rahzzah

Luke Cage #167 Review: Fun, If Not Especially Deep

Luke Cage awakens in a prison, not knowing his own name, life, or abilities. He doesn't know how he got there; all he knows is the bells ring and make it hard to think. The Ringmaster runs this prison, and he has designs on keeping Luke Cage there for a very long time. "Caged!" brings […]

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Brian Michael Bendis's List Of All The People He Says Can Beat Batman

Now that the second-longest continuous writer at Marvel Comics, Brian Michael Bendis, has signed an exclusive deal with DC Comics, everything he ever said anywhere on the internet about DC Comics is up for discussion. Including this great post on his Tumblr from earlier in the year, when asked about the comparative fighting abilities of Batman […]

Marvel Legacy Luke Cage #166 Review: A Man In The Wrong Small Town

After the events in New Orleans with Doctor Burstein, Luke Cage has decided to take a road trip on the way back to New York. He passes through a small Mississippi town where things seem just a little…off. He is hassled by the police, and a woman in a diner asks him for help. The […]

Luke Cage #5 Review: A Powerful Finale For The First Arc

With Luke Cage #5, we reach the end of the first story arc of the unbreakable man's new series. Kevin Larsen just killed a bunch of Cyril Morgan's men, and Luke Cage must talk the boy down after this event. Meanwhile, Lenore and Noah Burstein are trying to take Warhawk to a place where they […]

luke cage: Second Chances

Josh's Throwback Corner – Luke Cage: Second Chances Collection

I've decided to spotlight some comic stories that have gained my interest for whatever reason throughout my time reading them. Whether they be good, back, or just interesting in general, they will likely end up on here. These won't necessarily be the most acclaimed or despised stories from the years; everyone has said their piece […]

Luke Cage #2 Review: Slow, A Little Confusing, But Stays Enjoyable

Continuing the New Orleans adventures of Marvel's greatest superhero is Luke Cage #2 by David F. Walker, Nelson Blake II, and Marcio Menyz. Having just been saved by the known-killer Warhawk, Luke Cage wakes up to find the villain offering his aid. Warhawk views Luke as something of a brother since they both went through […]

David F. Walker Addresses Writing The Bigger Characters For Marvel

David F. Walker talked with Ask Marvel and answered a few questions. The first being what characters are the most difficult to develop in a story. Walker talked about tackling the bigger characters and how if you do something that is even slightly out of character, fans will notice and be upset. He also addresses […]

A Marvellous Christmas Gift! Power Man and Iron Fist Sweet Christmas

By Joe Glass Well now, this is some real holiday cheer! Power Man and Iron Fist: Sweet Christmas, the annual released yesterday from Marvel, by David F. Walker, Scott Hepburn and Matt Milla. Without going into spoilers for the book, let me just say that is an absolute delight. I think most would agree that […]

Sanford Greene Talks Power Man, Iron Fist, De La Soul And NPR In Charlotte

Jonathan Rich writes for Bleeding Cool Many consider North Carolina's Heroes Aren't Hard to Find one of the premier comic book shops in the southeast, and because of that it was no surprise when one of the medium's rising starts stopped by to sign copies of Marvel's hot book Power Man and Iron Fist for […]

A Comic Show – Power Man & Iron Fist & More

Aaron Haaland writes, Hey Fandom! We loved the Deadpool movie, and are back for Netflix's next hits Power Man and Iron First in comic form. David Walker nailed Luke and Danny's voices here giving us the action buddy comedy bromance that spawned my other favs like Quantum & Woody and Beetle and Booster. Avengers Standoff: […]

Edgar Wright Has Ant-Man Homework… That Involves A Thief

Yesterday Ant-Man director Edgar Wright posted this image with the heading "Homework". Now the folks at comicbookmovie.com quickly recognized the image as coming from the second season of Avengers: Earth Mightiest Heroes. It's from an episode called To Steal An Ant-Man and it marks the debut of not only thief Scott Lang but also Heroes For Hire Power Man […]