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Iron Studios Opens Up Orders For New Marvel, DC Comics Statues

Iron Studios keep pumping out new statues, and Marvel and DC Comics collectors have three new pieces to add to their collections soon. New statues of The Hulk, Mystique, and Power Girl are now up for preorder. All three are slated to ship in late 2019. All are in the 1/10th scale as well, with […]

Deathstroke Annual #1 cover by Ryan Sook

Deathstroke Annual #1 Review: An Unnerving and Brutal End to Defiance

Deathstroke has been spotted by a local police officer doing something illegal. Slade prepares to kill the officer, who is ready to accept his fate. The question becomes whether Slade can bring himself to kill the officer. A few days before, Tanya, aka Power Girl, takes issue with Adeline and Joseph Wilson while Deathstroke gets […]

dc legends

DC Legends Confirms New Characters to Ring in the New Year in a Super Way

DC Legends, the mobile game where players gather a team of up to four heroes and villains from across the DC Universe to face off against Nekron and his Black Lanterns and Manhunters, has confirmed the upcoming characters that will be added to the game in January 2018. And it’s all a bit Superman-themed to […]

Deathstroke #26 cover by Ryan Sook

Deathstroke #26 Review: The Killers Who Won’t Kill

Deathstroke is missing, and Defiance is split on how to best resolve this situation. Adelina and Terra are both ambivalent and want to move onto other missions. Jericho, Kid Flash, and Rose are more concerned about the fate of their de facto leader. The person holding Slade Wilson: David Isherwood. He holds many grudges against […]

Brian Michael Bendis batman

Brian Michael Bendis’s List Of All The People He Says Can Beat Batman

Now that the second-longest continuous writer at Marvel Comics, Brian Michael Bendis, has signed an exclusive deal with DC Comics, everything he ever said anywhere on the internet about DC Comics is up for discussion. Including this great post on his Tumblr from earlier in the year, when asked about the comparative fighting abilities of Batman […]

Deathstroke #24 cover by Ryan Sook

Deathstroke #24 Review: Kid Flash Made A Mistake

So, Kid Flash has been spying on Defiance. Deathstroke discovered this, because of course he did, and now all of Wally’s inner thoughts and uncovered facts are being aired out before the rest of the team. This includes his thoughts on his teammates, his encounter with a shooter alongside Power Girl, a shopping trip with […]

Deathstroke #23 Review: Speak Softly And Only Carry A Sword If You Wanna Gut People

Deathstroke struggles to hammer his team into a workable squad, as the at-best complicated relationship between he and Rose begins to show itself in ugly ways. The team gets called to prevent an ocean liner under attack from pirates from being taken and seeking. Meanwhile, Adeline, and Terra continue to scheme without Slade’s knowing. Joseph […]


Deathstroke #22 Review: The Return Of Doctor Arthur Light

Deathstroke’s new team, Defiance, has invaded Chetland to stop an army of light constructs that are attacking and to save the U.S marines whom have been taken hostage. There is just one problem: Deathstroke is nowhere to be found. This is because Slade slipped off to meet with the leader and creator of the light […]

Deathstroke #21 Review: Misfit Heroes Defying All Expectations

After renouncing the identity of Deathstroke in the wake of his failed attempt to go back in time and save his son, Slade Wilson has had something of a religious experience — which has led him to try to reform. With this, his ex-wife, Adeline, enlists Slade to form a team of superheroes called Defiance. […]

Flash Fans Are Reading In Between The Lines And Finding Power Girl

After the successful inter-network crossover between The Flash and Supergirl, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg was asked if there could be an Earth-1 Supergirl appearing on The Flash. When asked about a Kara Danvers in the CW universe, Kreisberg said: Any Kara that exists on Earth 1 would also have to have been an alien. It […]

New DC Pop! Figures Include Supergirl, Powergirl, Cyborg And More

This May, Funko will be releasing a new set of DC Comics themed Pop! figures. The new batch features Firestorm, Supergirl, Power Girl, Cyborg and Black Manta. Funny… Manta’s over-sized head almost looks normal for the character. The designs are from before the New 52 changes… unless Rebirth takes us back to these designs. [Source: […]

Power Girl Premium Format Figure Giveaway From Sideshow Collectibles

Sideshow Collectibles has a brand new DC Comics giveaway. For the February Sideshow Newsletter giveaway they’re giving away one Power Girl Premium Format™ Figure. The figure is based on the art of Stanley “Artgerm” Lau and retails for $399.99. You can see what the figure looks like below. Enter the Power Girl giveaway here.

Watch For Amanda Conner’s Art On Tonight’s Big Bang Theory

Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmotti introduced the cast of The Big Bang Theory to the DC Universe back in Power Girl. Tonight, the favour is returned. Jimmy Palmotti wrote, So tonight on BIG BANG THEORY, Amanda did an original piece for the show that will be featured on it. Check it out, tonight on the […]

Frank Cho Wants Ice Cream And Outrage

Another sketch cover that Frank Cho will be selling at Baltimore Comic Con, and part of his “Outrage” series attempts to “poke the bear”. Though people I know who enjoyed his early ones, might find themselves looking around at each other, then going “dude, seriously?” with this one. Dude, seriously….

Power Girl And Avengers Art Prints From Side Show

Sideshow Collectibles has two new art prints ready for pre-order. The first continues their line of prints focused on the women of DC and done by artist Stanley “Artgerm” Lau. This piece features the ever popular Power Girl and can be ordered here. From our DC Comics Premium Art Print collection, Sideshow Collectibles is proud […]

Power Girl Has A *What* Toe? And Is This Where The Canary Corps Begin?

Today’s Power Girl & Harley Quinn #1 sees the pair meet an internet commenter. Basement dwelling, spotty git making judgements upon all. So how will he react to Power Girl? Why, the way the internet often seems to react. Judgementally, uncaringly with a soupçon of slut-shaming.   Thankfully that’s how Harley Quinn reacts. And she’s not alone, Black […]