"Gaslands: Refueled" to be Released Soon!

Hobby: Journey of a "Gaslands" Newcomer

"Gaslands: Refueled", a new edition of the "Gaslands" game by Osprey Games, has come out and with it, a new batch of miniature wargame players have arisen from the woodwork. I am looking to join their ranks within the hobby, and wish to play the game to that end. Gaslands takes place on an alternate-futuristic […]

We Witnessed The Wastelanders Ball 2019; Kinda Like a 'Mad Max' Prom

Imagine if you will- The Wasteland of Mad Max, but fancy as f**k with ballgowns made from parts of rusted cars and tuxedos out of hazmat suits – thats' The Wastelanders Ball. Put on by the same team who are responsible for the 5-day Wasteland Weekend event in September, the Wastelanders Ball is sort of a […]

Wasteland Weekend 2018: Witness This Gallery From The Apocalypse

We wish we were out in the middle of the desert this week/weekend to experience the absolute madness (and awesomeness) that is Wasteland Weekend. Fans of Mad Max no doubt have heard of the post-apocalyptic event, which strives to create a thriving outpost in the days following the fall of civilization. According to Wasteland Weekend's […]

The Long Con #1 cover by Ea Denich

The Long Con #1 Review: A Convention After the Apocalypse

A pair of soldiers outside a FEMA facility are surprised by an alien. Upon killing it, they discover that it's just a guy in a suit. The world has been destroyed, and there are few safe areas left. Victor is a reporter for one of the remaining newspapers, and his editor wants him to dig […]

Giants #1 cover by Carlos and Miguel Valderrama

Giants #1 Review: Giant Monsters and Childish Dreams

The world has been made nigh-uninhabitable by a comet collision with the Earth. This brought an unending winter and giants, numerous massive monsters which now rule the Earth. Humanity now lives underground in favela-style housing. The one we see is locked in a gang war between the Grims and the Bloodwolves. Our heroes are a […]

station eleven

Station Eleven Review: An Introspective, Lyrical Post-Apocalyptic Tale

It isn't often that my home stomping grounds appear in books, outside of Hemingway's terse words, or, if you're lucky, some Jim Harrison short lit-fic. But Station Eleven, a National Book Award Finalist by Emily St. John Mandel, finally gives me some home-town love in a post-disaster tale of art, life, limited-edition comic books, music, and cults. […]

The Wolf Road Review: A Dark Psychological Thriller From Beth Lewis

 Beth Lewis' The Wolf Road is a dark psychological detour in the mind of a girl surviving in a post-apocalyptic landscape. Following Elka as she roams a world not-so-different from our own, surviving a harsh landscape, and dealing with harsh questions on the nature of humanity, good, and evil, along with the all-important question: […]