Pope Gets Own Comic Book – And Not From Bluewater

Pope Benedict XVI is getting his own comic book – and it’s not from Bluewater. Manga Hero, an Californian Christian manga publisher is published the volume for World Youth Day in Madrid, Spain. Titled Habemus Papam!, these are the Latin words used after the papal election, translated as “We have a pope!” Latin title? Yes, […]

Pope Visit Sees Comic Magazine Kidnapped By Printers

The Pope is visiting Santiago de Compostela in Spainin November. Something that the Spanish people and media are currently obsessing about. As anyone does really. Enough for humour magazine Retranca to run a cartoon with the Pope surrounded by the three million Euro cost of the official state visit. But also enough for the printers […]

Azrael And The Anti-Catholic Propaganda

So you may not have an inverted cross on the cover of Batman And Robin. But this is what you can have on the inside of a Batbook. From the most recent issue of Azrael, in which The Vatican has sent out The Crusader, a super-powered assassin to rub out heretics. And here’s where Azrael […]